Michigan’s welfare recipients file class action lawsuit

Benefits Shut Off for 41,000 Michigan Welfare Recipients

By Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben 

Fri, Sep 30, 2011

On Saturday, Oct. 1, 41,000 Michigan welfare recipients will lose cash benefits in the amount of approximately $515 each. Gov. Rick Snyder capped maximum welfare payments at 48 months. Several Michigan recipients filed a class action lawsuit to overturn the four-year cap.

Five years was the original cap on cash assistance for welfare. In some cases, extensions were available for those in need. The lawsuit says that the welfare cap violates the due process clause of the 14th amendment. They claim that the cutoff notices were vague and generic. The plaintiffs are asking a federal judge to issue a temporary restraining order against the cap.

Exemptions are available for those with disabilities that make them unable to work. Those over 65, caring for a disabled spouse or child, who don’t qualify for social security or who receive low benefit payments may also get an extension.

There is some concern among taxpayers about what qualifies a person as unable to work. Chronic alcoholism, drug addicts and obesity are three problematic disabilities. These don’t qualify specifically as handicaps, but some of the resulting health conditions do qualify them. There is also concern about how welfare payments, especially food stamps, are spent.

Welfare cash assistance cuts aren’t the only economic issue plaguing Michigan. Cuts are happening everywhere. In August, 11.2 percent of Michiganders were unemployed. Let’s look at Michigan’s deteriorating economy, by the numbers.

* 2.5 million: People in Michigan who receive one or more form of welfare benefits.

* 220,000 thousand: People in Michigan who receive cash benefits. The four-year cap would reduce it to 180,000 people.

* 21,000-25,000: The number of welfare recipients in Detroit alone (Michigan’s largest city) who had their cash benefits cut.

* 30,000: The number of children in Michigan who will lose welfare benefits.

* 1 out of 10: The ratio of children in Detroit and Flint whose no longer qualify for cash assistance.

* 2,000: The number of adults in Detroit’s 48205 zip code alone that will lose cash welfare benefits.

* 1,500: The number children in the 48025 zip code that will no longer be covered.

* 5 square miles: The area of Detroit’s 48205 zip code district.

* 30,000 : The number of college students who lost food stamps benefits in Michigan this year.

* 1 percent: The jump in Michigan’s unemployment from April, 2011 to August, 2011.

* 2.9 percent: The difference between Michigan’s unemployment at its peak (14.1 percent) in 2009 and now.

* 23 percent: The amount unemployment benefits will be reduced in 2012. Gov. Snyder passed legislation reducing benefits from 26 to 20 weeks for new applicants.

* 27.5 percent: Unemployment rate in Pontiac, Mich.

* 22.5 percent: Unemployment rate in Detroit, Mich.

* 19.7 percent: Unemployment rate in Flint, Mich.

* 16.6 percent: Unemployment rate in Saginaw, Mich.

* 14.7 percent: Unemployment rate in Warren, Mich.

These are some of Michigan’s largest cities. They are also the areas hardest hit by both unemployment and welfare cuts.


Western ND is booming and the natives are not impressed


Regulators and officials in North Dakota’s western communities are cracking down on “man camps” built by oil companies to house workers, and they’re also sandbagging new housing developments in some instances, but meanwhile demand for housing continues to grow.

So much so that some two-bedroom apartments in Williston, which one area resident says was going for about $300/month a few short years ago, are now being priced at around $4,000/month.

The Williams County Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval for two man camp’s renewal applications but denied a third at its meeting on Tuesday.

The first application was brought forth by Cudd Energy. Cudd Energy was requesting renewal of an existing conditional use permit approved in November for a one-year period and to expand the existing 64-bed facility to a 120-bed facility. The facility would be constructed in phases. The complex would be two or three stories. The first phase would be 75 beds. As the new facility is constructed the other facility would be phased out.

Cudd Energy Services District Manager Kelly G. Kelly said there is a need to expand the current facility due to the lack of housing in the area. He said he has seen apartments renting for $4,000. More people are continuing to move to the area with not enough homes available to purchase or apartments to rent.

“Does Williams County have a plan for all these people?” he asked.

Commission Chairman David Hermanson countered that it is not the Planning and Zoning Commission’s fault that oil companies are growing. “If your needs have expanded, I don’t think you should put that on us,” he said.

Workers are flooding into western North Dakota to take up jobs in the oil industry, but local officials are roadblocking efforts to provide them with housing. When asked where all these workers are going to live, the attitude from the planners seems to be “not our problem.” And the impact of their reticence is clear. Already spiking housing prices are soaring even higher as nobody, from developers to the oil companies themselves, are being allowed to supply demand.

According to the Bismarck Tribune, with Williams County and Mountrail County are putting months-long moratoriums on approving more temporary housing, even RV parks, with the mayor of Stanley, ND complaining that everyone is expecting the government to *gasp* provide infrastructure!

“Everything out here’s a mess with very little oversight. It all falls back on the community and the county and we’re expected to provide the infrastructure for 30,000 people. We’re just expected to do that,” Mayor Mike Hynek said. “When it’s all over with, the communities are raped and pillaged and the state is filthy rich.”

“Raped and pillaged” are strong words for what’s happening in communities that were dying before the oil boom came along. Now workers and businesses are rushing to these communities to live and find prosperity, and some of the leaders in charge seem upset about it.

Growing pains are understandable, things are certainly crazy in western North Dakota, but this sort of attitude isn’t helping anyone. If leaders like Mr. Hynek can’t hack it, maybe it’s time for new leadership.


TSA Pats Down Breast Cancer Survivor Even After Getting Scanned

Lori Dorn, the wife of Laughing Squid’s Scott Beale, recently submitted to a backscatter scan at JFK airport. The TSA pulled her aside for a breast patdown, even though she stated she had breast implants in place after her bilateral mastectomy. Of course, that didn’t stop them.

They didn’t even let her take out the Device Identification Card that would could have explained where the implants came from and their medical purpose. No. Instead they humiliated her in public:

Instead, she called over a female supervisor who told me the exam had to take place. I was again told that I could not retrieve the card and needed to submit to a physical exam in order to be cleared. She then said, “And if we don’t clear you, you don’t fly” loud enough for other passengers to hear. And they did. And they stared at the bald woman being yelled at by a TSA Supervisor.


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Warning: The threat of suspended elections is real

Judi McLeod  Friday, September 30, 2011

With absolutely no proof of any kind of who he really is, Barack Obama made it to the Oval Officein 2008.  There was no media vetting of the largely absentee senator from Illinois, who even back then had the temerity to compare himself to Abraham Lincoln.  All anyone ever had to go on was an autobiographical book suspected of being ghost-written by an unrepentant domestic terrorist.  We all know how it goes with politicians and autobiographical books.

When Nancy Pelosi writes hers she will claim she trumps Mother Teresa, the Calcutta saint, not the one married to John Kerry.

If Harry Reid ever gets around to it, writing his, wine will turn to vinegar overnight.

You can claim to be anyone you want in a book, and that’s what Barry Soetoro did.

The point is that Barry Soetoro took the name Barack Hussein Obama, got himself elected and immediately began pushing the country so many look up to, right up to the precipice and nobody—nobody—has been able to stop him.

Now when we have a narcissistic Obama plunging in the polls, a democrat governor in North Carolina is pushing the envelope for suspending elections and covering up a notion she dropped a bombshell by claiming she was only using hyperbole to make a point for a Rotary Club.


If the election were held tomorrow,  Obama would go down in a landslide strikingly more humiliating than the shellacking he and his party got—and never got over—in the midterms.

But the 2012 election is more than a year away, and the man who made it all the way to the most powerful office on earth sans identity documents has all the booty, and the absolute power it brings, at his command.

This is Obama’s well-stocked position at a time when only suspended elections would guarantee his re-election.

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue was not joking when she spoke about suspending elections.  Nor did she pick the idea out of thin air.  Perdue was giving the suspend-congressional-elections idea its first oxygen for her hell-bent-for-leather boss.

It is crucial to not let this day go down without remembering what Perdue said.

Don’t let the state-controlled mainstream media lure you back to sleep by saying if there is no election, then why is Obama so diligently campaigning.

Obama is not campaigning.  He is preparing for Stage Two of the Total Transformation of America, using taxpayer money to prepare his Internet-identified “troops” for the coming Marxist Revolution.

He must not be allowed to get away with it.  Patriots should now be doing everything legal to stop him in his tracks.

Nothing is impossible when all the control is held by a tyrant.

Obama and his masters already pulled the biggest scam on any country in modern times by making it to the White House without legitimate I.D.

A dangerous new chapter is being written in American history that, if successful, is destined to impact the history of the West.  It’s called ‘Re-Election by Suspended Election Revolution’.
Patriots who want their grandchildren to grow up in a Marxist-free America should start the counter revolution called the ‘Revolution for an Obama-free America’ and they should start it “like yesterday”.