SC Presidential Debate 11-12-11

Once again Ron Paul is left out of the loop.

They’ve spent more time on Santorum who doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell.

Perry is doing better tonight.

Gingrich has the best line of the night, when talking about Iran he said that we should covertly take them down, doing whatever it takes that’s “deniable”.

Cain doesn’t know whether Pakistan is a friend or foe.

Bachmann is all for torture, would use waterboarding.

Huntsman all for continuing aid to Pakistan.

Paul, torture is illegal according to our law and under international law and is immoral.  It’s unamerican.

Huntsman, this country has values, liberty, democracy and waterboarding is torture.

Romney, question…. is it appropriate to order the death of American citizens.  Absolutely!

Romney, question…how would you handle China?   They have to play by the rules, they can’t steal intellectual property, can’t manipulate currency, can’t hack into our computers.

Huntsman, we should be reaching out to China, the new generation.

Perry, all foreign aid should start at zero including Israel and let them make their case, Gingrich agrees.  (so do I)

Halfway thru CBS decided that only select groups could see the second half.  Ridiculous!


Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint asks questions of the candidates.

Graham, would you consider continuing the policy of not sending combatants to Gitmo, discontinue torture and use civilian courts?

Cain:  reverse all those policies.

Santorum:  reverse all those policies.

Paul:  agree with policies.

Perry:  reverse all the policies.  This is what happens in war and this is war.  Whatever it takes to extract information.

Bachmann:  I’d like to respond to Paul.  We killed Bin Laden and this is good to let the President make this call alone.

Paul:  I voted to go after Bin Laden.  That’s a lot different than assassinating American citizens.  Should not give up on our rule of law.

Jim DeMint:  Congress continues to spend and borrow at extreme levels. What programs would you return to the states.

Romney:  Eliminate programs that we can’t afford.  Get rid of Obamacare.  Endowment for the arts etc should go.  Return programs to the states like Medicare.

Huntsman:  Our biggest national security threat is our debt.  Agrees with the Ryan plan.  Education to the states.

Gingrich:  Training requirement for all unemployment claims.  Opening up offshore.  Reform and overhaul the Federal govt.

Bachmann:  Take a look at Johnson’s great society, did not work, look at China, no welfare state.

Cain:  Pulling troops back.  That is a decision I would make after talking to Pakistan and Afghanistan and General’s on the ground.  It is unclear where we stand with Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Romeny:  Would you send troops into Pakistan?  Pakistan does not have a strong central power.  We have to work with our friends and bringing our troops into Pakistan could be highly volatile .  We have an agreement with Pakistan to use drones.

How do you prevent the Euro crisis from impacting the United States?

Huntsman:  Our 2nd largest export, we’re going to lose jobs as exports diminish, it’s going to spread thru our banking system.

Perry:  French and German’s have the economy to deal with this.  The Euro to be competitive to the American Dollar.  Cut off mid sentence, debate over!

Overall, this debate sucked.