BREAKING: Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile Charity Reportedly Planning to Shut Down

Ex-Penn State Coach Sandusky’s Charity Reportedly to Fold Amid Child Sex Abuse Scandal

Published November 18, 2011

DEVELOPING: The charity at the heart of a child sex abuse scandal involving a former Penn State assistant football coach is preparing to fold, its chief executive tells the New York Times.

The Second Mile, founded in 1977 by Jerry Sandusky to help at-risk youths, faces its own share of scrutiny in the wake of Sandusky’s arrest on charges he sexually abused at least eight boys over 15 years. He is accuse of preying on boys he met through the charity.

The charity now is looking to find other organizations able to take over its programs, David Woodle, Second Mile’s chief executive, told the Times.

“We’re working hard to figure out how the programs can survive this event,” Woodle said. “We aren’t protective of the organization that it survives at all costs

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PC run amuk, “Indian giver” is now a racist term UPDATED

I am no where in the vicinity of being a fan of the Kardashian’s or even a follower but this is so ridiculous I have to defend her.
Upon further research of this subject, I came upon the description of how this term came about.  Apparently, back in the day of the settlers, the Indians would give gifts to the settlers but if the gift wasn’t reciprocated then the Indian would want their gift back, no “better to give than receive” for them, it was supposed to be a barter system rather than a gift giving. 
Now, if you really think about it, isn’t Christmas much like that, we’re really relying on a barter system, an exchange of gifts and how offended we are if you give a gift but don’t receive one.  How many of us say, well, I’m not going to buy them a gift next year!  The only difference between us and the Indians is, we don’t ask for the gift back, perhaps we should. 

Kris Jenner Uses Racist Language to Describe Kris Humphries on ‘GMA’

Posted by Adriana Velez
on November 3, 2011 at 12:25 PM

There are some phrases you just kind of assume everyone knows are off-limits, the equivalent of throwing an awkward! bombinto a conversation. When someone uses one of those phrases, everyone else kind of squirms, looks away, and there’s that awful silent pause as everyone thinks, “Did she really say that???”

Kris Jenner laid one of those phrases down on Good Morning America. She was in to chat with Lauren Spencer about her new book, Kris Jenner … And All Things Kardashian, but the conversation of course started with Kim Kardashian’s big divorce news. Lauren asked about Kim keeping The Ring and Kris defended her daughter, saying, “I hate an Indian giver. It’s a gift, you know.” And then I spit out my coffee. Did she really say that???

Indian giver, as in those people Europeans nearly killed off with their smallpox-filled blankets. Indian as in the people where were rounded up, driven off their ancestral lands, and plunked into reservations. “Indian giver” is such an old phrase, a lot of people don’t even realize how racist it is. But it comes from European settlers who mistook bartered good for gifts. “Oh, you wanted something in return for those pheasants and furs?” It’s the kind of phrase wealthy, entitled people use against poorer people.

I’m not saying Kris Jenner is a racist. Obviously she has welcomed people of color into her life (especially hot male people of color). But “Indian giver” is just plain mean. And it doesn’t sound very flattering coming out of Kris Jenner’s mouth.

Couldn’t she have just said “it was a gift” and left it at that? Did she have to slam Kris Humphries, too? I mean, keep the dang ring. I don’t have a problem with that. But geez Louise, ditch the racial slurs, okay?

Do you think the phrase “Indian giver” is offensive?

Casey Anthony survives assassination attempt

Casey Anthony ‘Assassination Attempt’: Lawyer Tells HuffPost ‘None Of It Is True’

Casey Anthony Enquirer
First Posted: 11/17/11 07:15 PM ET Updated: 11/18/11 09:52 AM ET

You may want to consider donning a pair of quality hip waders before delving into the latest Casey Anthony article in the National Enquirer, according to her lawyer.

“None of it is true,” Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, told The Huffington Post.

The article in question, “Casey Anthony Survives Assassination Attempt,” appears in the tabloid’s latest issue. The Enquirer reports that someone found 25-year-old Anthony’s secret hideout in Florida and put on her door a threatening note that read, “I know where you are, I’m coming to put a bullet through your brain.”

On July 5 of this year, a jury of seven women and five men acquitted Anthony of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. The little girl’s remains were found in December 2008 near the family home, some six months after she was last seen. During the trial, Baez said Caylee had drowned in the family swimming pool. That revelation stood in direct contrast to previous statements Anthony had given police, saying her daughter had been kidnapped.

In August, Judge Belvin Perry ordered Anthony, who was living in another state at the time, to return to Florida to serve a year’s probation on charges stemming from a check fraud conviction.

According to the Daily Mail, the Enquirer cites an unnamed source to report that the death threat Anthony received “set off a complete panic,” prompting bodyguards to transport her to another safe house. Decoy vehicles, like those used during her trial, were reportedly used.

“The fact she is still hidden and still alive is testimony to just how good her team of bodyguards are. They’re the best, but it was a very close call,” the unnamed source told the Enquirer, according to the Mail.

The story fails to mention when the alleged assassination attempt occurred.

There is no denying that Anthony, whom Gretl Plessinger of the Florida Department of Corrections called “one of the most hated women in America,” has received death threats in the past. “Because of the death threats against her … we will not be disclosing the location or anything that will lead to the discovery of her location,” Plessinger said during an August press conference.

But no one who spoke to The Huffington Post has heard anything about any “assassination attempt.”

Plessinger has since left her job at the corrections department, but agency spokeswoman Jo Ellyn Rack told HuffPost that the probation department is “not aware of any such [assassination] attempt.”

Jeff Williamson, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office — the agency that investigated Casey Anthony — said his office is also unaware of any attempts on her life. “We know nothing about it,” Williamson said, adding that not even his office is privy to Anthony’s current whereabouts.

The Enquirer did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post.

According to her lawyer, Anthony remains in a safe location “somewhere in the state of Florida.”

Meanwhile, the parent company of the Enquirer, American Media Inc., is awaiting a judge’s decision on a motion it recently filed to dismiss a defamation suit by Roy Kronk. A former Orange County meter reader, Kronk was the man who discovered Caylee’s skeletal remains in 2008. He is seeking $15 million for allegations he claims the tabloid made about him. No word yet on when the judge will rule on the motion.

Rand Paul on the governments busy body nature…


watch Kathleen Hogan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, sound really stupid.

Rand Paul is the man!!!  Wish we could have more people like him in Congress.  I’m stocking up on light bulbs so I don’t have to use the new ones that are dangerous.  What they didn’t tell us is, if you break one of the new light bulbs you need a hazmat suit to clean it up.



The 1st amendment specifically states that peaceable assembly is a RIGHT, as a RIGHT we don’t need govt permission, to be forced to get a permit, govt permission, it becomes a privilege.

If you don’t know the difference between a RIGHT and a privilege, a RIGHT is what is inherent to us as natural humans and CANNOT be altered or taken away, a privilege is permission from someone that CAN be altered or taken away.