Adventures of Mr. G guy

As you all know, he’s in Florida working like a dog so not much excitement for him, early days, late nights.   I don’t remember how many trees they sold last year but it looks like it’s going to exceed that this year, don’t know if it’s because of 2012 and people thinking this may be their last Christmas.

They park the trucks at the warehouse and last year they had gas stolen, this year they’re stealing tires, leaving the rims, just taking the tires.  Apparently an eye witness reported seeing 3 black guys jumping a fence to get to the trucks.  Mr. G said last night that he was going to go on a scouting mission but I told him to take someone with him, either someone who won’t run or someone who’s expendable.  😀   He just called and said he did take someone expendable with him.  😀

He’s back early tonight, they ran out of trees, the big rigs just aren’t moving as fast as they should be.

He said he’s taking lots of pictures but since they aren’t internet ready down there, for whatever reason, he’ll post them at a later date, probably when he gets back home but I don’t know that for sure so keep checking his site so he doesn’t think I sabotaged him for the views.  Even though I have passed his views…finally….I told him I wouldn’t cheat and would link to him, the things I have to do for love.   So here’s his link….

5 comments on “Adventures of Mr. G guy

  1. “…don’t know if it’s because of 2012 and people thinking this may be their last Christmas.”

    Actually “Black Friday” spending was UP… at 52 billion dollars, [with a BIG “B”…] seven billion dollars, over the spending in 2010 of 45 billion…!

    The… “drug addicted, round mound of sound” on his AM, radio broadcast, today… kept maintaining… just for his, brain washed, “ditto heads”… that; “… consumer confidence is way DOWN, this year…!

    Gosh Phoebe, I just can’t believe yer into that olde counter culture, of Mayan, HIPPIE, philosophy…?

    Most Christians and Muslims,would ostracize the Mayans as “false prophets”…since the Bible and the Koran, state the last day shall only BE KNOWN, to God and Allah God…?

    HE SHALL COME AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT…unbeknownst, to either man nor beast…!

  2. Mikey…I’m thinkin’ fifty years ago… I spent as much time in the Pisgah National forest as you did last month…?

    Best wishes and hugs to both you and Phoebe…
    I luv REALLY LUV, mountain men and WOMEN…!

  3. Hey folks…

    Xmas, tree sales are thru the roof up here in “God’s Country”, although…thousands of hunters ride them home on top of their trucks with deer they harvested this week in Wisconsin, right in the middle of the “forest”…despite all the negatives, the folks up “Nort” here… are working magic, in our great, participative, wonderful, democracy…

    Hugs Hons…!

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