BREAKING NEWS: Lebanon fires rockets into Israel

IDF fires on Lebanon after at least 3 rockets land in North
11/29/2011 02:02

Police say projectiles land in Biranit and Netua, in Western Galilee; some damage, but none hurt; Police, IDF search Kfar Vradim area for additional rocket after explosion heard; IDF on full alert in North.

The IDF returned fire on the source of at least three rockets fired into northern Israel from Lebanon overnight Monday.

Three rockets fired from Lebanon landed in the Western Galilee, with police searching for a possible fourth rocket. No injuries were reported in the attacks.

One rocket landed in Biranit, 700 meters from the Lebanese border. No damage or injuries were reported in the attack.

Two additional rockets landed in the Western Galilee town of Netua , causing some damage to a chicken coop and a gas tank, but no injuries.

Police were searching for a possible fourth rocket in a wooded area near Kfar Vradim, just south of Ma’alot, also in the Western Galilee. Residents reported hearing an explosion in the area.

The IDF said in a statement that it views the rocket attacks as a severe incident and it holds the Lebanese government and the Lebanese military responsible for preventing such actions.

The IDF Northern Command has gone on full alert and is holding continuous evaluation in light of the events, the statement added.

Army Radio reported that the projectile which landed in Biranit was a Katyusha rocket. The police clarified in a statement that it remained unclear whether the projectile was a Katyusha or a different type of rocket. Police bomb squad units and the IDF were investigating the incident.

The Western Galilee was a target of Hezbollah rocket attacks during the 2006 Lebanon War, but the front has been largely quiet for the past several years.

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