Tips on saving money and living within your means

The best way to save money is buy gold and silver, physical not futures.

Dump satellite tv, I did and hasn’t hurt a bit.  We invested in a good antenna and the cable programs we want to watch we can get free on the internet.

Don’t waste money on renting the latest movies, either wait until they come out on Netflix or watch them online free at  there are several hundred free 2011 movies to watch there.

Coordinate your local trips so that you run errands all in the same day if possible.  Mr. G goes right by the post office, 15 miles away, so he checks the mail instead of me wasting gas to do it and he also passes the grocery store so he does a lot of shopping for me, no extra gas spent.

Now here’s the biggy, I just had to fill a prescription $192, I have AAA which allows you to get discount prescriptions at many pharmacy’s including Walmart so I got that $192 prescription for $13.55, a savings of  $178.45, the AAA only cost me $65, got my money back plus saved a bunch.

Dumpster diving, I don’t recommend just diving into a dumpster, neither does Mr. G but that’s a whole different story.  Dumpster diving used to be a whole lot easier before they had manned landfills but in some places they now have “swap shops” at the local landfills where people can put good used items in a building and anyone who wants or needs that item can take it.  Mr. G has gotten lots of good, useful items there including the wood shutters that I wanted for the shelving unit he just made me, he’s also gotten lots of things in the past and that I sold on ebay.  He has a great music system in his work shop that he got free at the swap shop many years ago.  Recently he brought home an old wood folding table in great shape.

For those of you who do carpentry work and remodeling, you know you can get some great stuff.  Mr. G brought home expensive glass sliding doors, french doors, windows and my dishwasher amongst other things including building materials.

Flea markets are great especially when you know people.  You can get everything from groceries to guns at great prices.

Auctions, you can get some fantastic stuff cheap at auctions.

Throw away your credit cards and use cash, if you run out of cash you can’t overspend.

Learn to do things yourself instead of hiring someone to do it.

Mr. G made all the cabinets in my house, which are many, for a third of the cost of buying them and they’re much nicer.

Buy used vehicles, it’s much cheaper to put in a $400 transmission than to have $400 car payments for 5 years.  I have a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport that I bought almost 4 years ago, the only thing I’ve replaced on it is the alternator.  I paid $5500 for it, you do the math.

In case you think I’m full of it, we’re debt free, own our own home and 2 vehicles, our monthly bills are less than $500 a month, our biggest expense is insurance on the vehicles.   We lived in a 7 room house at one time, gave that up and moved into a travel trailer for 4 years, built a small home for less than $15,000, did the work ourselves.

We know how to live within our means and you can too if you just cast away the chains of technology and greed that bind you.