7 comments on “Video on Ron Paul debate response on family values 12-10-11

  1. if ron paul was the constitutionalist he claims to be he would be after the fraud in the wh for being constitutionally ineligible, that and his lack of support for israel and his unwillingness to stand up to iran makes him a poor choice for president, but better than newt romney.

  2. The birth certificate issue is a tricky slope to go down. I agree that someone from Congress should have stepped up to the plate since the SCOTUS decided that the citizens had no legal standing but it could be a career breaker for anyone who does step up. No one is perfect not even Ron Paul but for you to say he’s not a constitutionalist because of this one issue is a big stretch.

    He supports Israel, just not the way you’d like. He supports the right of Israel to make their own decisions without interference from us and will stand by them when they call on us.

    He’s not unwilling to stand up to Iran, he’s willing to see proof first. I agree with him when he says Iran is far from developing a nuclear weapon and until such time as they do, don’t go starting WWIII until it’s absolutely necessary. WWIII will be nasty and we, the U.S. will lose, Iran will be backed by China and Russia and there will be nukes involved. What’s the rush?

    • WWIII will be nasty and we, the U.S. will lose, Iran will be backed by China and Russia and there will be nukes involved. What’s the rush?

      I agree, Phoebe.
      I believe in our lifetime, we will see an invasion in America consisting of Chinese and Russians.

      (I have not added you, Phoebe, b/c I am REALLY lazy and forget to add people to my roll, I AM SORRY!! I WILL get to it!)

  3. If Ron Paul is the candidate, I will vote for him.
    Nobody is perfect.
    He voted to repeal DADT, this is bad. We now have sodomy and beastiailty that is allowable in our military b/c of an insane vote like this.
    Homosexuality is an abomination.

    As far as Israel: God will protect Israel. One of the most anti-Israel prez’s, imo, ever, was GW. You can see here what GW and Sharon did to Israeli pioneers:

    Obama, of course, hates Israel b/c he is an anti-Christ.

    Ron Paul does not ‘support, or non support Israel. He just cares about America, which is what any American prez should do.
    IMO, he should let Israel be which is what he has expressed in the past.
    Anyway, the way I feel? I think ALL of these candidates just suck,
    😀 AND, we ARE up sh*tz creek w/out a paddle.

    • I agree DADT repeal was a bad decision but in Congressman Paul’s defense of his vote, he believes in individual freedom and responsibility.

      We need someone in there who make some hard choices and Ron Paul is the only one who will do that, he can’t possibly screw things up worse than Obama and there’s a good chance we can get this country back to the founding principles.

      My primary vote will go to Ron Paul because I can’t hold my nose long enough to vote for any of the rest of them. If Bachmann wasn’t so annoying and such a narcissist then that might have been an option but that option left a long time ago. Whoever wins the primary will have my vote only so we don’t have to try and survive another 4 years of Obozo. At this point the only viable candidates are Paul, Gingrich and Romney so which one will have the greatest ability to make mincemeat of Obama?

  4. Yep, I hear ya loud n clear…truth be told, I just cant stand ANY of these candidates.
    I think that is good, though, because I aint ‘looking for a ‘g’od.’

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