Winner of Rep. debate 12-10-11 Iowa

The debate was very feisty tonight, a lot of good attacks and counterattacks, a lot of laughs but very little applause except for Ron Paul.

Gingrich told Romney that the only reason he wasn’t a career politician is because he lost to Ted Kennedy in 1994, that brought a big laugh and an agreement from Romney.  The talking heads are saying Gingrich won but I don’t agree, I think Ron Paul had the crowd.

Bachmann still annoying, doing her normal jumping and down, pick me, pick me, can I cut in?  She does that at every debate and the moderators can’t stop her.  She invoked Cain but said she was replacing his 9-9-9 with win, win, win.  She was trying to capitalize on Cain’s popularity, trying to grab his followers.  She compared Romney and Gingrich by calling them Newt Romney.

Santorum is still inconsequential.

Romney continued to have to defend his Romneycare.  When Perry brought it up, Romney was like, here we go again, Romney shot back with, you want to talk about mandates, you mandated the Gardasil shot for young girls.

Perry, did better as far as his speaking goes but he’s out.  The last question of the night was who on stage do you feel has impacted you and Perry, surprisingly said Ron Paul.

Ron Paul, still consistent but was a bit tamer in his rhetoric.  He got the most applause on most every time he spoke.  When asked about their upbringing and hardships they indured, Paul said they were poor but he didn’t know it, he grew up in the depression, put himself thru college then things got easier, his wife worked to put him thru med school, that garnered a laugh.

Romney didn’t grow up poor but his father did and instilled in him the value of hard work.

Gingrich grew up an army brat, at one time lived in an apt above a gas station, said he now has family who are in dire straits but didn’t go so far as to say he was helping them out.

Bachmann said her hardship growing up was her parents being divorced and seeing her single mother try to raise 4 kids, she went to work at 12 yrs old to help support the family.  Also said she still shops at thrift stores.

Gingrich was called out on his comment about Palestinians being “invented”, defended it by saying it’s time someone told the truth as Reagan had when he announced to Gorbachev to tear down that wall.  Santorum halfassed agreed with him but also agreed with Romney’s stance that you can be honest but do it privately, don’t presume to speak for Israel.

Everyone agreed with Ron Paul that govt shouldn’t make any laws respecting habits or values that don’t affect other people.  Huge round of applause.

Overall, I think Ron Paul won the crowd.

And that’s about it, will try to get videos on tomorrow.

eta:  I think the liberal media is much fairer to the candidates in terms of equal time, the worst offender is Fox News.


10 comments on “Winner of Rep. debate 12-10-11 Iowa

  1. I agree that Ron Paul seemed to have a lot of support from the audience and will benefit from this with further support and a rise in polls in my opinion. But i also believe that the same people siding with “anyone but Ron Paul” will yet again downplay his performance tonight.

    Without Ron Paul they may as well throw next year’s election to Obama since their ‘top pick’ Newt Gingrich will be completely deconstructed by Barack Obama and his people if he became the candidate next year.

  2. I agree Zeph, this “anyone but Obama and Ron Paul” will come to bite us all in the ass. Romney, Gingrich, Obama, we’re still in a world of hurt, it’s just a matter of degree.

  3. Perry is gaining confidence in debating, clearly an outsider he is beginning to pick up steam……………..Watch out if he gets rolling. Romney and Newt both hurt tonight

  4. I would worry about Perry being able to handle the stress of debating Obama. I agree that Romney and Gingrich didn’t do as well tonight.

    Bachmann is a good debater, she’s just annoying as hell. I don’t think she should be invoking Cain’s name though, given that he has been accused of womanizing and she being a woman, that may not set to well with women voters. Since Gingrich has the most to gain from Cain leaving, I was surprised that he didn’t mention him once or twice.

  5. Thanks for the analysis. I wouldn’t say Ron Paul won. I don’t think many people were really watching for him. I like what you said about Bachmann. Her win, win, win bit was ridiculous.

    The highlight of the debate for me was when Gingrich stood up for Israel. The lowlight was when Rick Perry blatantly lied about what was in Romney’s book and Romney mishandled the response with the whole $10,000 bet thing.

    My analysis:

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