Rhode Island Police enter 800 homes illegally

How perfectly convenient for police to have the power to enter a home without permission under the guise of turning off gas meters when they could wait until the homeowners come home or put out a public service notice.  They have no warrant and you can be sure that they do a little “glance” around so they can come back later with a warrant to arrest people for activities in their homes. 

The home and business owners only concerns are how it will affect the weekend and whether they can cook a holiday meal or stay warm.  Excuse me you clueless bastards,  it’s an invasion of your home and a threat to your right to be secure in your homes. It’s not an emergency situation.   Serious abuse of power!!!  

Natural gas issue affecting 1,600 homes

Crews going door-to-door to shut off gas

Updated: Thursday, 22 Dec 2011, 1:26 PM EST
Published : Wednesday, 21 Dec 2011, 5:17 PM EST

WESTERLY, R.I. (WPRI/AP) – National Grid says crews are going to door-to-door in Westerly to close off the natural gas meters of 1,600 customers as it works on a distribution problem.

Utility spokesman David Graves says crews worked through the night and had secured about 800 meters by about 7 a.m.

Main Street and Canal Street are among the areas affected. Not only are those streets filled with homeowners, but businesses are also impacted by the issue.

“It’s going to be devastating to be without heat or power for this holiday season. It’s our crunch, time,” said Molly Silva, a business owner.

If no one is home at the time, police officers along with a locksmith are entering homes to shut the valves off.

“Thank God no snow, no frost, no freezing temperatures yet. We just hope for the best. Hopefully we can get some things going for Christmas. I have a meal to prepare, hopefully we are good to go by then,” said Westerly resident Mallory Carpenter.

After National Grid has checked each affected home, and the problem has been resolved, they will return to each home and business to turn the meters back on.

Officials said this is not an easy fix, and expect the process at least a day or so. Right now, no homes are in danger.

Graves says more crews are expected today from around Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

National Grid is asking that anyone in that area who does not have natural gas, to please call 1-800-640-1595.

Emergency shelter available for affected families

Due to the natural gas service interruption in parts of Westerly, the Westerly Police Department and the American Red Cross will be opening an emergency overnight shelter at 6:00 p.m. Thursday.

The Shelter, at the Westerly Senior Center, 39 State Street, will provide a meal and overnight accommodations for those families affected by the gas service interruption.

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8 comments on “Rhode Island Police enter 800 homes illegally

  1. They need to get to the meters inside the house! The officers are in there for security! They are going inside with national grid to make sure nothing is stolen! 1600 houses, they have about 500 grid workers and I don’t know how many officers. They are trying to fix this problem before christmas. The officers are not in there to bust people! If one house isn’t shutoff then its gonna slow down the repair. So stop putting fear into people because you have NO idea what your talking about. Instead they should dig up your service and cut it off or just let your appliances get destroyed or house blow up. If your concerned about the police finding something, then don’t do anyting illegal

    • How about posting a public notice and sending notices out to customers to give them advance notice so they can make arrangements for someone to be there or to give permission for entry. This is a flagrant violation of the people’s right to privacy and property.

      What part of the Constitution do you not understand, all of it? It is not a matter of me doing anything criminal, it’s a matter of them coming into my house without notice and warrant.

      “if your (you’re) concerned about the police finding something, then don’t do anyting (anything) illegal” is a stupid comment to make, Example: If they see a joint in the ashtray, don’t you think they could come back with a warrant to check out the rest of your house for drugs even though that one joint isn’t illegal? They wouldn’t have that suspicion is they hadn’t entered your home illegally.

      It’s nice that you trust the police so much and that you have no problem giving up your privacy even in your own home, but not all of us have our heads stuck up our ass, even though it would make it easier to see things from your of view.

      • Oh sorry for my spelling, I’m typing on a phone. Oh and a notice? It is a emergency! this all happened yesterday and grid did give a notice. Let them do they’re job and stop bitching.

      • Oh and last time I checked it was National Grid shutting off the meters, not the police. I’m a contractor in Boston and we go into houses all the time and do our details want to come in with us? No! The officers are there for your protection and the workers. I installed a gas service one day and then the next day U.S Marshalls and the Boston fugitive task force showed up serving a murder warrant at the house

  2. I was born in Westerly, R.I. and have since relocated to the mid atlantic. It does not surprise me that this corrupted state would pull something like this off. People need to understand that Westerly is a very old historic town, many of the houses there are over a hundred years old where the gas meters are INSIDE the house. Yes, it’s rare and unheard of to most but it’s a fact of Westerly.

    This is illegal forced entry without a warrant. But it can be done. This is your constitution being eviscerated, this is your big government stripping away your freedom and liberty. This is the precursor to Orwell’s 1984. But hey, at least your safe from the terrorists, Westerly…

    • Hahahahaha, this happened because a contractor was replacing a leaking gas main which is happening EVERYWHERE! Air got into the main and caused the gas pressure to drop. National Grid is a private company and they are doing the repairs the fastest and safest way. They should dig up your service and cut it off in the street and leave you without gas you moron

      • I use electric. And it’s not my fault if the corrupted town of Westerly can’t have their own shut off valves that serve streets or blocks, I shouldn’t have to deal with rights violations due to poor civil engineering. The cops are there for protection? You haven’t lived in Westerly.

        This is a state where our former mayor Buddy Cianci, while still mayor, found a man together with his ex-wife, proceeded to take a log from the fire place and beat him unconscious. And then urinate on him. And what happens to good ‘ol Buddy? Heyyy, he get’s his own radio show! Tune in to 105.5 the LOG.

        I’d rather risk my safety, and lose my appliances, rather than risk my freedom and lose my liberty.

        I can live without gas. I refuse to live without freedom.

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