T’was the Night of Our Gridlock

Shamelessly stolen from That Mr G Guy who shamelessly stole it from http://citizentom.com/2011/12/22/a-bit-of-christmas-cheerlessness/

T’was the Night of Our Gridlock

T’was the night before Christmas and all through DC;
The President and Congress just couldn’t agree;
Once again they are arguing about how to spend bucks;
Leaving no doubt among us that they’re all just nuts

“Extend unemployment!”, Obama demands;
“Pay for it first” is the House’s firm stand;
“More debt’s the way” says Reid in a fit;
“And a two month extension is all that you get”

“But the President wants a full year” says the House
“We all agree so let’s vote this bill out”;
“Well on second thought” Mr. Reid said with glee
“A two month deal is best politically?”

“If we go with a year, we’d end this big mess;
No more to argue, is that really best?
Then how can Obama beat up on your guys;
At the State of the Union when that time arrives?”

Says ol Dirty Harry, “It’s all about power;
If we lose the Senate, the libs will be sour”
Says the House with disgust, “make it a year!”
Give all the people a reason to cheer!”

“Prove to them now that you’re not a big jerk
Delay your vacation, let’s get down to work!”
“Delay our vacation?”, Reid says with surprise
“We’d rather the House be blamed and despised”

“Sure, a year would be best for all in the land;
But not for Obama, with whom we all stand”;
“If we yield to you”, say Reid with a sneer;
Barack’s State of the Union will fall on deaf ears”

“That just will not do with Elections at stake;
To heck with the people, two months you will take!”
So that’s where we stand, in good ol’ DC;
Watching our leaders be all they can be”

Which leaves me to wonder as I look to the sky;
“Hasten November” when I say good-bye
To Obama and Reid, who lead from behind;
While hard working families are left in a bind

Elections do matter, of that I am sure;
And if Obama returns, even more will be poor;
It’s time for real change, and don’t be in doubt;
That change will arrive when we vote this guy out!”

L. Scott Lingamfelter, December 2011