My Iowa Caucus Day Thoughts

A lot is on the line for Iowa today given all the negativity towards Ron Paul.  The Republican Party as a whole doesn’t want Ron Paul and the Governor of Iowa recently stated that if Ron Paul gets the Iowa nod that it will invalidate the election process, as far as I’m concerned his statement has already invalidated the election process in Iowa.

With the recent rise of Santorum there is talk about Iowan’s splitting their votes between Santorum and Romney just to ensure that Ron Paul won’t be number one but isn’t that a bit hypocritical of them saying that Ron Paul isn’t electable but Santorum is?  Santorum doesn’t have a prayer of winning the country but yet Iowan’s are endorsing him.

I believe the election process has been invalid for many years now and if Obama makes a 2nd term or we elect another “business as usual” politician, I will never vote again.   In other words, Ron Paul is the only candidate who is honest and will make the tough choices necessary to bring this country back and if he doesn’t win then all hope for this country is lost.

I agree with Ron Paul that every sovereign country has the right to develop any kind of weapon they chose, but he knows that Iran isn’t even close to having a nuke so why interfere at this point, let’s wait until they get close and then deal with it based on the intel of their motives.

In removing all foreign aid, isn’t that what we’ve all wanted anyway?  It isn’t anti Israel, it’s a chance to start over in deciding who’s worthy of our aid and that in turn will eliminate countries who are not our friends and not Israel’s friends and will lessen those countries opportunities to get weapons, at our expense, to use against Israel.

People need to get their head out of their assess and the asses of the Republican masses and media and stop taking what they say at face value, look at the overall picture and do your own research and analysis.  Ask yourself what your main concern is and I’ll bet it isn’t whether or not Iran develops a nuke sometime in the far future.   Do you even want to take this country back or are you content to leave it politics as usual?  Are you content with the Patriot Act and the newly passed and signed National Defense Act where the govt can use the military to detain American citizens without trial?  Ron Paul is the only candidate who will get rid of those.

Do you value your right to worship as you choose?

Do  you value your right to free speech without the govt spying on every word you say?

Do you value your right to bear arms?

Do you value your right to life, liberty and property?

Do you value your right not to be strip searched at airports, train and bus stations and malls?

Do you value your right to not be detained without trial?

Do you value States Rights?

Do you value your civil liberties granted to us by our Creator?


eta:  Thank you Adrienne  for reblogging me and for the link to  other bloggers on the Iowa Caucus that are good reads.

Thanks to my dear, sweet hubby for the reblog.  We don’t always agree politically but you do make some interesting points.


10 comments on “My Iowa Caucus Day Thoughts

  1. Ron Paul is DANGEROUS for America! Not to mention that he’s a Jew & black hating racist that says we should have the Crowe laws back! No way! I want Newt, the only decent statesman around that can reach across the isle for all Americans, without global warming & other scams. Newt loves America.

  2. You must be joking. Newt loves Newt and money and he’s by far the most dishonest of the bunch. Why do you fault Paul based on lies but give Newt a pass based on facts?

  3. Newt has made mistakes. But his record speaks for itself. 95% conservative, and he’s the only one ever to balance the budget while he was Speaker. It wasn’t Clinton! And Ron Paul admitted on CNN the other day that he did write SOME things in those letters. He wrote all that stuff. We aren’t stupid. And today it’s all over the media that he’s involved with George Soros! What a terrible choice for president. Every country would overrun us. And Iran will end up giving dirty bombs to terrorists everywhere. His foreign policy stinks! He was drafted & he’s a coward!

    • Speaking of cowards!!!

      “Gingrich avoided the Vietnam War draft through deferments because he was a student”

      Try to justify that, my first husband and I were married, a year at the time, and he still accepted his obligation to serve when he was drafted, he could have gotten a deferment but he chose not to.

      From wikipedia on Ron Paul:

      “After earning a Doctor of Medicine degree from Duke University’s School of Medicine in 1961, Paul relocated with his wife to Michigan, where he completed his medical internship at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. He then served as a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force from 1963 to 1965 and then in the United States Air National Guard from 1965 to 1968.”

      What kind of a coward would accept his responsibility and be drafted when he could have gotten a deferment based on his marital status? What kind of a coward would re-enlist for another 3 years during the Viet Nam War?

      And yes, Newts record certainly does speak for itself but yet you continue to defend even though the facts speak for themselves while continuing to promote your lies against Ron Paul. The only connection between Paul and Soros is coming from political pundits who have their own agenda, I didn’t see one story that made it to the National news, not that I believe anything they say anyway.

      There’s a saying, “It is a wise man who only believes half of what he hears, it is a brilliant man who knows which half to believe.” You sir, are neither wise nor brilliant.

      No country would overrun us because Paul believes in protecting the country as the Constitution dictates.

      “We aren’t stupid”

      One of us isn’t.

      • Hi Barb, thanks for your input.

        Ron Paul’s not a player, he only plays by constitutional rules.

        Per your “player” criteria, they are all players, you just have to pick the one who suits you in terms of what they will do for this country.

        You have to pick your priorities on what issues are best for the country as a whole, not just what you think is good for you. It’s that “me” priority that got us into this mess in the first place.

        My number 1 priority is civil liberties, without personal liberty none of the rest mean anything. What’s your number 1 priority?

      • Ha! I was halfway through my reply when it mysteriously closed! haha!

        Anyway, my point was that both Paul and Newt have been career politicians – bought and sold to the highest bidder for decades . Bachmann and Santorum were not there long enough to become so well entrenched.

        Santorum is equally supportive of Constitutional law, individual rights, though perhaps not quite as much on the sovereign rights of states as Paul, but I can live with that in exchange for secured borders, a documented firm stand on LIFE’s sovereignty, and the appropriate defense of American interests on foreign soil.

        So, you asked what my priority is … Domestic and National security in a world were radical Muslims continue to kill and maim unarmed people in the name of their warrior god.

        Christians Given 3 Days to leave North Nigeria or Face Death

        This is not because of american intervention, nor does it require American military action, but it warrants attention, none the less.

  4. I hate to differ with you Barb but Santorum is not all that. Here’s a quote on his stance on privacy.

    “Santorum has frequently stated that he does not believe a “right to privacy” exists under the Constitution, even within marriage; he has been especially critical of the Supreme Court decision in Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), which held that the Constitution guaranteed the aforementioned right, and on that basis, overturned a law prohibiting the sale and use of contraceptives.[79] He has described contraception as “a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.”

    Individual rights include the right to privacy. He certainly was there long enough to bought and sold.

    I need you to clarify how Paul was bought and sold to the highest bidder, who bought him and where’s the proof?

    Newt being bought and sold a dozen times is no big secret, it’s all common knowledge.

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