NBC, ABC project Ron Paul will finish third in Iowa

NBC, ABC project Ron Paul will finish third in Iowa caucus; Romney and Santorum in heat for win

Live video


Paul: Third Place Finish ‘Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

Gingrich giving his “concession” speech attacking Ron Paul.0

Bachmann still maintaining that, she alone, pulled 40,000 people to the tea party rally.

Rick Perry possibly pulling out of the race, going back to Texas to reassess.

Huntsman silent.

Occupy people showed up at Romney’s party.

Santorum starts out “game on”.

McCain to endorse Romney tomorrow.

Romney, doesn’t know who is going to win but congratulations to Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.  This is the night America wins.  Obama a nice guy but over his head.

90% reporting ROMNEY, SANTORUM, PAUL

Rick Perry: Heading home, reassessing bid after Iowa caucuses

Ron Paul said third-place finish positions him well going into N.H.

Rick Santorum declares ‘Game on’ in close Iowa race
Mitt Romney’s unorthodox strategy pays off in Iowa
CNN reporting John McCain to endorse Mitt Romney
Michele Bachmann will continue despite sixth-place finish; ‘Full steam ahead’ campaign manager says

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