Overview of the NH debate 1/7/12

Sen. Santorum, Iran is the priority, wipe them off the face of the earth.  (paraphrased)

The moderators are going after Romney straight out of the gate.

The first question is about Romney, asked to Romney, Santorum and Gingrich, Huntsman.

Asked Paul about ad airing for Santorum, citing him as big government, he voted against right to work and taking funds from lobbyists.

Santorum talks about his corruption charges.  I believe in some govt and as a Sen. from Pa. he had the responsibility to take money back to Pa. in the form of earmarks.

(As an aside Santorum also voted for the Patriot Act)

Second question goes after Santorum asked to Paul, Perry.

There is little doubt that the moderators are trying to pit candidates against each other, it’s blatant.

Only 2 on stage have served in the armed forces, Perry and Paul.

Gingrich cites his family’s military service including his Mother and Sisters, but never addressed why he got 5 deferments.

Gingrich says that his deferments were never a question because he was married with a child.  Paul responded that when he was drafted he was married and had 2 TWO kids.  I started a round of applause from my living room.  😀

End of the first round.

Do states have a right to ban contraception or does it violate the right to privacy?

Stupid question from Stephanopolous.  Do states have the right to ban contraception. Romney refused to answer the question saying that it’s a silly question because no state wants to ban contraception.

Paul says no, it violates the 4th amendment.

Gay marriage.

Gingrich, huge jump from being understanding to condoning gay marriage.

Huntsman, supports civil unions.

New Hampshire gay marriage is legal.

Santorum, This is a state issue, the issue of marriage itself is federal.  WTF?  Supports a constitutional amendment.

Romney, everyone has a right to make a lifetime commitment but doesn’t mean they have to get married.  States can dictate benefits.

Gingrich, should Catholic Church in Massachusetts because they won’t marry gays and won’t allow adoption from Catholic Orphanages.

Paul has essentially ruled out that he would run as an independent but doesn’t like absolutes. He wants to reserve his support for the republican nominee until he sees who it is.

Perry is for constitutional amendment that defines marriage as a man and a woman.

Huntsman, we’ve already brought down the Taliban, time to bring the troops home.

Perry wants to send troops back in Iraq because Iran will move back into Iraq swiftly and all our money, blood, sweat and tears will have been for nought.

Paul, I voted for the raid on Bin Laden and I didn’t say that I want Iran to have a nuke.  Sanctions always lead to war and this is just pushing Iran into the hands of Iran.

End of round 2.

Infrastructure, everyone that was asked, pretty much for it.

Vision for the future, everyone that was asked, pretty much the same.

Santorum has a problem with defining people as middle class, doesn’t think we should have classes because it pits people against people.

Huntsman being his usual pro China.

Romney pointing out that China is not our friend. Will tell China that we will not let them kill American jobs anymore.  Make it a more fair trade and that China doesn’t want a trade war more than us because they are selling to us much more than we are selling to them.

Huntsman, speaks Chinese WTF, accuses Romney of wanting to start a trade war.  Translation of Huntsman’s Chinese, Oh Shit!! I can’t believe I thought I have a chance.

End of round 3

If you weren’t here at the debate tonight what would you be doing?

Santorum, Gingrich and Romney would be watching football.

Perry would be at the shooting range.

Huntsman would be talking to his two sons in the Navy.

Paul would be reading economics books if his family was all asleep.

Final analysis….

The moderators were very blatantly enticing fights amongst the candidates.

Overall questions were amateurish and stupid.

Nothing new learned from the candidates.

I think Huntsman made a funny but it’s hard to tell because his facial expressions never change. I’d hate to play poker with him.


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