Overview of Sunday Debate 1/8/12

This mornings debate finds the candidates very testy and straight out of the gate the attack on Romney begins.

Gingrich doesn’t think Romney is electable.

Santorum questions why Romney didn’t run for a second term in Massachusetts.

Romney states that politics is not his career.

Santorum keeps interrupting Romney.

Gingrich basically tells Romney he’s a pompous ass (he said pompous, I added ass but that’s what he meant).

The crowd seems to be a bit on the side of Huntsman this morning, applauding him often.   My problem with Huntsman, besides the fact he has no personality, I fear he will hand us to China on a platter.

I like Romney as a personality, too bad my political views don’t jive with his.

Gingrich is great at doublespeak, albeit, he speaks it well, I don’t trust him.

I would consider Santorum to be a pompous ass.  At one point this morning, having been asked about voting against right to work law, he said,  I believe in the right to work but had I voted for this bill, Pennsylvania was not a right to work state,  it would have forced them to become a right to work state.

I agree with nothing Santorum stands for.  He’s definitely big govt and small liberties.

Paul is the only one who will do away with the Patriot Act.  Ron Paul is absolutely correct when he says entitlements are not rights and seems to be the only candidate that knows the difference between rights and privileges.

Although I generally push people to look at the entire candidate, in the case of Perry, I have to say that I only look at one thing with him that makes me not want to vote for him, the Gardasil mandate.  He showed that he can be bought and that he’s out of touch with what Govt has the authority to do, mandating dangerous unproven drugs for our children is not an authority they have.  There are some things that I agree with him on but I can’t get past the Gardasil mandate.  I have 6 granddaughters so this is something of great concern to me.

Paul is the only choice for me.  My main issue is Liberty, for without Liberty we can’t have economic prosperity.  If people would listen to his words on foreign policy instead of listening to the anti Paul people they would know that he doesn’t say it’s okay for Iran to have a nuke, in fact, he has stated that it’s not acceptable but there’s no need to start bombing them today as Santorum wants to do.   WW III will come soon enough let’s not rush it.


Per Fox News this morning..

Panetta: Iran Not Making Bombs… Yet


I do want to hear one very important thing from any of the candidates, REPEAL THE PATRIOT ACT.

One thing I haven’t heard from any of the candidates that I would do as President is eliminate all Federal grants and endowments.  The arts, museums, public television etc should be funded by the private sector.  Eliminate all foundations and committees, you’d be amazed how many different ones there are, several thousand to be exact.

Do away with Federal parks, give the land back to the states.

Eliminate several govt agencies, EPA, DOC, DOE and more, this is where I agree with Perry and Paul has always said this.

Put welfare programs including LIHEAP back in the hands of the states.  This is where I agree with Romney.

There was a time when taxes and spending offset each other, now it doesn’t matter how much in taxes the govt collects they always spend more.  If taxes are lowered now the govt will still increase spending and just print more money to cover it.

Overall the debates are getting rather boring and ridiculous.


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