Grandma pulls gun on ARMED intruder, he runs away

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. — A 68-year-old Greenville County woman pulled a gun on a man who tried to force his way inside her home, deputies say.The woman and her friend, Diane Gordon, said they had seen the man walking on Cutler Street.”This fellow had been pretty much canvassing the neighborhood all day,” Gordon said.

The man said he was looking for his keys and he was going door to door.Nick Robertson said the man also stopped at his house.”It just didn’t sound right, so he left after he saw there were too many people — too many men — in the house.

“The man borrowed a flashlight from Gordon’s friend, and later in the day, at about 7:30 p.m., he came back to her house and asked to use her phone.Gordon said, “She is pretty sharp and she actually had a gun.

She was scared because he wouldn’t go away. He kept knocking on the door.

“She said she did not let the man inside but allowed him to use her phone from the porch.

The incident report says the man pushed open the door, pulled a gun from under his shirt and told her to “Get back in the house.””When he pulled his gun, she pulled her gun and he said for her to get in the house and she said she would kill him first,” Gordon said.

The man froze, and then ran away.Zach Hinton, with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, said the man is white, about 40 years old, average height and he was using the name Eric. He had receding, light-brown hair and was wearing a light-colored T-shirt and blue jeans.Greenville County deputies are still investigating this case.

Deputies said the woman had an active concealed weapons permit and had every right to use it to protect herself.

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