Good morning,  I’m Phoebe and, along with my husband network,  (as opposed to sister network)     http://thatmrgguy.wordpress.com/ will be providing live coverage of the South Carolina GOP Primary Election 2012.

As all married couples we don’t always see eye to eye so his perspective may be different than mine.  All updates will be made on this one thread with no Twitter updates until the election is over.

Today in Upstate South Carolina it is currently 45 degrees, rainy and gloomy, strong thunderstorms expected throughout the day, possibly resulting in lower than usual voter turnout.

In 2008 my county voted McCain by a small margin over Huckabee in the primary.

Polls are open and will remain open until 7 pm.

We will now have a coverage blackout until such time as we have news to report.  Be sure to check in often for your election coverage updates.


11am THIS JUST IN:   County is seeing low turnout as strong thunderstorms move thru the area.

Update: This just in from our man on the street, Mr. G:   My unscientific poll conducted at the cafe this morning, has Newt ahead by a large margin with Gingrich garnering 75% and Ron Paul receiving 25%.

Thank you Mr. G for that report.  Looks like Santorum and Romney are not connecting with the Rednecks in Oconee County.  Who said Rednecks don’t know when someone’s pissing on their leg while trying to pass it off as rain.

Update: Gingrich and Romney show up at the same restaurant, Tommy’s Ham House, in Greenville this morning, it’s been called by some bloggers as Hammageddon.  Photo courtesy of http://livewire.wyff4.com/Event/SC_GOP_Primary_Coverage


Santorum greeted voters at Morningside Baptist Church in Greenville today.


South Carolina is divided up into three distinct demographics.

Upstate is blue collar workers, small business and rednecks who cling to their guns and religion.

Midland is more the fiscal conservative people.

Low Country is the 1%er’s.

My assessment is, Gingrich will pull the Upstate, Romney will pull the Low Country and it will be close in the Midland with Gingrich also pulling that.  Overall Gingrich will take the State, Romney 2nd and while Paul and Santorum will battle out for 3rd with Paul taking it.


Mr. G and I are ready to head out to vote, the thunderstorms have subsided for a minute.  We will be making the rounds of a few of the voter stations and report back what we see for turnout, maybe even get to talk to a few folks while doing it.


3:20 pm  The sun is finally trying to make it’s presence known.  We went to our usual voting place only to find this sign…


so we followed the instructions and this is what we saw.


The place was packed as you can see.  There were only two young ladies managing the station, one taking names, the other unlocking the machines.  I inquired as to how voter turnout was, they replied good, I’m assuming they meant earlier in the day because there certainly was no evidence of it when I was there.  I was #307 and Mr. G was #308.  The whole process took Mr. G and I less than 3 minutes, I’m not complaining mind you, much better than standing in long lines.

We then proceeded to go see what other polling places were doing, below is a shot of another local fire department poll station.  From what we’ve seen in our 5 minutes about town, turnout is moderate to low.  Now that the storms have moved thru maybe the rest of the day will pick up.


Going to the local diner for dinner, maybe we can get some reaction from the locals on what they think.  I know from past experience at this diner, eavesdropping on others conversations, that it is a pretty conservative crowd,  as well as a Clemson crowd as it is 5 min from Clemson University.

This is our favorite eating place, we can get a damn fine ribeye and homemade sides for 9.99 and, just like Cheers, the wait staff and owner hails us when we walk thru the door and give us service fit for a king.   For ambiance, Fox News is on the TV, the motif is Clemson Tigers and smoke swirls in the air, yes, it is the only place left where smokers can openly be smokers and not have to sit in their own section by the bathrooms.  The owner doesn’t smoke but has the philosophy that all his customers are equal and if you don’t like the smoke, eat elsewhere, the place is always packed with non smokers so apparently it doesn’t bother them.  They are lucky in the respect that they are outside the city limits.

So George, here’s my shameless plug for you and your establishment, Paw’s Restaurant between Seneca and Clemson, South Carolina, if y’all happen to be in the area, stop in, you won’t regret it, best home cooked meal around.


Little conversation on the election.  One lady next to us, “if Perot would have won, we wouldn’t be in this mess”, I told her it wasn’t too late to clean things up, with a vote for Ron Paul.  Later I overheard her saying that the only thing they could dig up on “her man” Santorum was about his wife prior to their marriage.  Others overheard my conversation with this lady and the waitress, they just laughed at the antics but did not voice their own opinions.


Romney campaign sending out robo calls.



Gingrich 40%

Romney 25%

Paul 20%

Other polls are saying, with 0% reporting

Romney 34%

Gingrich 33%

Santorum 14%

Paul 13%


NBC news and wyff4 are calling the State, with 0% reporting for Newt Gingrich.



Now reporting

Romney 40%

Gingrich 32%

Santorum 13%

Paul 10%



I blinked and now Romney and Gingrich are tied with 36% with 2% reporting.


Candidate Votes %
Gingrich 11,546 37%
Romney 10,081 32%
Santorum 4,816 15%
Paul 3,644 12%
Perry 566 2%
Cain 213 1%
Huntsman 189 1%
Bachmann 53

Fox News Elections Coverage!


Wyff4 is officially calling Gingrich the winner.  Romney graciously accepting 2nd place.   I just can’t figure it out how they can call it so quick.
The delegate tally thus far.
                        17                             3                        19                     12
Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/primary-election-results-2012/scorecard.shtml?party=R#ixzz1k92oqjLh
Just caught a couple of minutes of Paul’s concession speech, sounded like he’s back to thinking he can’t win and just wants to keep his message out there.  Too Bad! Disappointing!
Sorry folks, if you think Gingrich or Romney will fix things you’re dreaming and we’re screwed.  “Business as usual” here we come.
90% reporting
Gingrich 40%
Romney 27%
Santorum 17%
Paul 13%
Cain 1%
Goodnight South Carolina, Florida here they come!

10 comments on “UPDATE: GINGRICH WINS… SOUTH CAROLINA…….ELECTION DAY……1-21-12 Live Coverage

  1. I fear primary elections usually don’t get a large turnout.

    Since we will only have Romney and Paul on the ballot in Virginia, I expect the turnout here will be even more dismal.

  2. Now I feel like I need to do this for you for the FL. primary. Unfortunately, I’m in the Panhandle, which tends to be more conservative than the south Floridians. From the looks of these polls, I’d guess Gingrich or Romney will take S.C.
    Just out of curiousity, what will you do if Ron Paul goes Independent?

  3. It’s a little to early to think he’s going to use, I prefer to keep hope until the end. In the event that happens, well, tough call. I think I will wait and see how well he does in the primary but more likely than not, I’ll end up holding my nose and vote for the people’s choice unless it’s Santorum, then I will not vote. I can’t vote for someone I think is worse than what we have.

    • That’s how my husband feels about Romney. I’m voting Paul. He says I’m throwing my vote to Romney by not voting Gingrich (his choice, coincidentally) Then I have others telling me I must vote the majority or risk another four years of Obama. I say why the hello can a person not follow their heart when they vote. In the finale, I’ll go with the Republican winner. If there’s a three-way with Paul, I’ll be torn…….

      • The heck with the others telling you who you must vote for, vote your conscience because that’s what you have to live with.

        That’s why Paul can’t win because people aren’t following their conscience, they’ll buying in to the talking heads saying Paul’s not electable. If I had a penny for every time someone said, “I would vote for him but he’s not electable”, I’d could get rid of the national debt. Stupid, Stupid voters.

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