Obama: Abortion “Enables Our Daughters to Fulfill Their Dreams”

Quote of the day from SouthernGal on Timebomb 2000…..

“Too bad the kenyan’s mama didn’t have any dreams bigger than being an easy lay.”


The President proclaimed today on the thirty ninth anniversary of SCOTUS decision on abortion rights (Roe vs. Wade) that the long-disputed statute allows “our daughters” to have the same chance as sons to “fulfill their dreams”. He went on to say that the law “reflects the greater principles of America”.

His remarks come three days after Obama’s WH announcement of a PDD that mandates free aborions for all American women.

As a state lawmaker in Illinois, he voted four times against legislation to protect the life of a baby that survived a botched abortion. He voted against such legislation at the state level in 2001, 2002 and 2003.

The 2003 bill was assigned to the Illinois Senate Health and Human Services Committee, which Obama chaired at the time. It mirrored a law passed by Congress, which said nothing in federal law should be construed to undermine the Roe v. Wade ruling.
As president, Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, which would appropriate federal money toward insurance plans that pay for abortions.

On Friday, the Obama administration finalized regulations that order Americans – unless they work directly at a church – to purchase government-approved health insurance plans that cover sterilizations and contraceptives, including those that cause abortions.
Planned Parenthood also marked the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling by setting up a Web site “to show the world exactly what Roe has meant in the past and still means today.”



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