My visit to the past

Mr. G and I went to Virginia this past week to see our new granddaughter and while we were there we did a little sightseeing, we went to Jamestown Settlement.  I would recommend anyone who is in that part of the country to go visit, plan to take at least 3 hours to see everything.  We didn’t get the chance to see all we wanted to so we’ll make another trip back in a few months.

There is very little of the original settlement there due to numerous fires but they are doing archeological digs all over the settlement and trying to recreate some of it.  We talked to a man who is involved with the digs and he said he hopes they don’t recreate all of it because they wanted to keep it as pure as they can in case, somewhere down the road, they come up with new techniques to find relics even deeper than what they can now. 

Also if you’re permanently disabled or senior citizen you can get a free National Park pass to use at all National Parks, apply for it whichever park you visit.

In 1607, 13 years before the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts, a group of 104 English men and boys began a settlement on the banks of Virginia’s James River. They were sponsored by the Virginia Company of London, whose stockholders hoped to make a profit from the resources of the New World. The community suffered terrible hardships in its early years, but managed to endure, earning the distinction of being America’s first permanent English colony.

First up, we took the Jamestown Ferry across the James River to get to Jamestown.

A seagull that landed on the edge of the ferry.



Church where Pocahontas married John Rolfe

Tower of the Church is original but the rest of the Church is rebuilt.

Inside of the Church.  This is the part that was rebuilt, along the sides is the original brick foundation covered with glass.  Gravestone markers are the light colored tiles.

Proof, that even before the founders, the settlers deemed this to be a Christian Nation.

The Ten Commandments as written back then.  The Settlers were the ones who brought about the King James Version.




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