Obama shows his low class once again…walks out on Jeb Bush speech

The Obama’s are the lowest of the low and never should have been put in the position of representing OUR country. 

Obama criticized for walking out on Jeb Bush


2/6/12 10:10 AM EST

Bloomberg’s Al Hunt has a long list of examples of what he calls the Obama team’s ‘hubris’ — including a recent anecdote where Obama left a fancy black tie dinner before former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush spoke:

Another illustration of presidential hubris involved the Bush family. The White House put out a picture of a private meeting in the Oval Office on Jan. 27 that included former President George H.W. Bush and his son, Jeb, the former governor of Florida.

The Bushes were in town for the annual black tie dinner the next night at the Alfalfa Club, a gathering of business and political elites. The two featured speakers, both intended to be brief and humorous, were Obama and Jeb Bush. The president spoke to good reviews. He left before Bush spoke.

Obama hates such dinners. Some of his aides, in particular his political adviser David Plouffe, urged him not to spend an evening mingling with the 1 percent. Yet he chose to go, and attendees said it was the first time they could recall a speaker leaving before the other side had its fun. In addition, Obama’s 87-year-old predecessor was present.

Imagine the criticism five years ago if President George W. Bush had walked out on a dinner before Hillary Clinton spoke, with Bill Clinton in the audience.



2 comments on “Obama shows his low class once again…walks out on Jeb Bush speech

  1. He should have not walked off before Jeb Bush spoke. As far as I know Jeb hasn’t done anything to Obama. That’s another show of Obama and his cockiness. I don”t like doing some things but I show respect to the other person. Well Obama I don’t like your speaches on TV so I put it on another channel your not on. I’m not in the public eye either and you shouldn’t be because you’re like a bratty, snot nosed child.

  2. He doesn’t know what respect is. He figured I already heard myself talking, don’t need to listen to anyone else because their voice is no where near as pleasing as my own voice.

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