Listen up liberals, welfare is not a sustainable solution

Poverty is a state of mind, the “poverty level” was created to promote class warfare and to further the agenda of the liberals.  The “poverty level” deems that everyone should have a certain amount of money, doesn’t matter that it’s not their own money, anybody’s money will do, thus the welfare system of today.  Where is it written that everyone should start on a financial level playing field?

From 1929 on thru the 50’s the whole country lived in poverty, sure things were rough but did they sit around and moan and groan and gripe about it, no, they survived on their ingenuity, when they had no work, they moved to where there was work.   There was no welfare as we know it today, neighbors helped neighbors, families took care of their own and charity came from Churches.

What makes poverty a state of mind is because we have our priorities messed up.  When we worked we spent, we taught our kids how to expect the latest, greatest toys instead of teaching them that “money doesn’t grow on trees” and if you want something bad enough, work for it.

We have two generations now of people who don’t know how to survive, they’ve been brought up to believe that “things” are what defines you and your social status, “the boys with the most toys wins”.  If you can’t afford it that’s when you decide you’re poverty stricken, then you sign up for welfare and suddenly you can afford it.

There was a time when people were too proud to ask for help so they made do and still managed to not act poor, they were clean, their clothes were clean, they went to Church, they planted gardens, they had food on the table, maybe not what they wanted but they didn’t starve, but most of all they had pride and self respect, nobody has any pride anymore, the welfare system of today has taken that away.    They lived in tar paper shacks if they had to but now with all the regulations and building codes people can no longer do that, which is another one of my pet peeves that I won’t go into now.

Bottom line is, you don’t have to be poor just because you are living below the “poverty level”.

The key to success is, you don’t wait until you hit rock bottom, you foresee the rocks and do something before you hit them and it crushes all life out of you, you go where the jobs are.


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