Who won tonights debate? 2-22-12

The introductions brought Romney the biggest applause with Paul coming in second.

I think it’s a toss up between Newt and Paul.  Santorum and Romney were at each other right out of the gate with Paul joining in on Santorum, Gingrich pretty much stayed out of the fray.

I know I probably sound like a broken record where Santorum is concerned but he got his ass handed to him tonight by Romney and Paul and the crowd, he was booed loudly several times.  Santorum also backtracked on everything he has previously said and done.  He was not well received by the audience, the vote will tell.

Paul did great, his debate skills have improved immensely, the only boo he got was on Iran but that changed once he explained himself and talked about the economic aspect of going to war with Iran.



[Paul:  Morning after pill is nothing more than a birth control pill so you can’t seperate them.  If you voted for planned parenthood like Santorum has you voted for abortion.  Planned parenthood should get nothing.

Santorum:  I opposed title 10 funding.  justifies this by saying he pushed title 20 to advocate abstinence.

Paul:  this demonstrates the problem I’m talking about.  Title 20 is not a govt program that should be.

Santorum:  I didn’t support it but voted for bills that included it.  boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
This whole issue is alive because of Romneycare



Paul was asked about his comments that Santorum is a fake.

Paul:  Santorum is a fake!  I’ve never voted to increase the national debt, the only appropriations bill I ever voted on was for veterans.  We lose credibility when we vote for something then retract it later.  I disapprove of foreign aide to help our enemies.

Santorum:  I was considered the most conservative fiscally.  Paul ranked 45th as the least conservative.

Paul:  That’s a copout when you compare yourself to members of congress, people are sick of them, they’re at 9%.
Santorum: (earmarks) Romney asked for 300-400 million dollar earmarks as gov.  Good earmarks and bad earmarks.  Congress has a role in earmarks when administration has it wrong.  As president would impose earmarks.

Romney:  will stop earmarks.  Earmark process is broken.  Santorum voted for the bridge to nowhere.

Santorum:  the process you just describe on how to spend money, is exactly how the process worked.  Y0u Mitt, don’t know what you’re talking about.   I supported a line item veto, the supreme court struck it down.


Describe yourself in one word
Paul:  consistant
Santorum:  courage
Romney:  resolute
Gingrich:  cheerful


Other than that, same ole, same ole, same questions on the economy, same questions on immigration, same questions on Iran.  There were actually very few questions, most of it was the candidates, particularly Romney and Santorum going after each other with Santorum being the first attacker.


6 comments on “Who won tonights debate? 2-22-12

  1. Although I respect them all for putting up a good fight, Romney had control of the answers and the crowd. I think his momentum is moving forward. I see Romney as our next President. He has values and knows how to fix our national debt. It will be nice to have a President we can respect again.

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