You just can’t say the “F” word

By Phoebe

Is cursing really that bad?

Think about it, is it anything more than adding shock value to words that mean the same thing?  

My Grandmother used to say, “oh fudge”, what she really was saying was, “oh shit”, we didn’t pay any attention because “fudge” is not a “dirty” word.  Now if she had said, “oh shit”, we would have been like, WOW, Grandma just swore and Mom would have done the obligatory covering of our ears.  

My Aunt would say, “numb-er than a pounded thumb”, what she was really saying was “dumbass”.  

Kids nowadays say “freakin”, translated it means fuckin’.  

I scolded my Granddaughter about that and apparently she took it to heart because, in a facebook conversation with one of her friends, she used the “F” word, not freakin’, the other “F” word.  Yes, I was monitoring (a fancy word for spying) her, I was signed into her facebook at the same time as she was unbeknownced to her until I typed a response pretending I was her. 

The response went something like this…  I am so sorry I used the “F” word, I know better but I guess I momentarily forgot everything I learned in Church and my Grandma would delete my account if she saw this. 

Her friend responded with, “would she really do that”?  I responded with yes, she would, translated to mean, “you can bet your sweet ass she would”.  Now I could have gotten upset (pissed) but I thought it was more fun to do it my way and it was.  

You prissies can claim you aren’t swearing or saying bad words but what you aren’t saying is the same as what you are saying.  Why not just say what you mean and man what you say?  Except kids of course!


2 comments on “You just can’t say the “F” word

  1. You really shouldn’t be looking in her Facebook in the first place much less posing as her in a conversation. For one it’s illegal. And your whole argument about surrogates for swear words being just as bad as the actual words are ridiculous as swear words are actually themselves euphemisms.

  2. My granddaughter just turned 16 and I’m her legal guardian, I CAN, WILL and SHOULD keep an eye on her and intervene when necessary, that’s my responsibility.

    Sorry, but if you have it in your thoughts to say a word but don’t because it’s sociably unacceptable and use another word that has the same intent then it’s just as bad.

    My forum, my opinion, you lose.

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