Maher: “I can call Palin C-word because I don’t have sponsors”

Maher Responds to Limbaugh: I Can Call Palin C-word Because ‘I Don’t Have Sponsors – I’m on HBO’

By Maher’s reasoning then I can pick up where Rush left off, I can call Sandra Fluke a whore and a slut or an opportunistic bitch.  Since I don’t have sponsors let’s get really carried away.

For the record Ms. Fluke, you’re such an ignorant friggin ho that you don’t even know that every woman, poor or not, has access to free birth control, the first of which is, keep your legs crossed instead of letting it all hang out there for every horny slob that crosses your path.  EVERY Health Department and EVERY Planned Parenthood has free birth control that taxpayers are already paying for.  I wouldn’t have a problem with providing you, Ms. Fluke, with free birth control as long as it involves sterilization.

There’s a reason Bill Maher never married, he’s obviously a eunuch, he doesn’t have the balls to pick on men and call them nasty names.  He’s also a misogynist probably due to his mother chastising him after catching him wearing her panties and bra.  Instead of giving a million dollars to Obama for his sex change operation, why don’t you keep it for your own sex change, Bill.    He is so jealous of women that he names off their body parts because he wishes he had those parts.  I mean, really, have you ever seen anyone more gay than Bill Maher?   Just think Ms. Fluke, if you hooked up with Maher you wouldn’t need birth control.


2 comments on “Maher: “I can call Palin C-word because I don’t have sponsors”

  1. I see. So you’re ok that we subsidize men’s Viagra pills whose ONLY function is for sex. Most of these men are using them on women that are NOT their wives. Yet you’re not ok with women having access to medication that can cure serious medical ailments. Further, there are MANY places throughout America that are nowhere near a free clinic you moron. Go ahead idiot, vote for the party that believes that voted against the law that made it a requirement that women get paid the same as men for the same work.

  2. Where did you get that I’m okay with subsidizing Viagra? I’m not okay with subsidizing any sexual drugs or contraception other than voluntary sterilization but even that’s a stretch for me since I don’t believe the federal govt should have any role in health care. If you can’t afford contraceptives including a 50 cent condom, don’t have sex, it’s your responsibility to find a way to protect yourself.

    If people live so far out that they can’t get to a clinic, as you suggest, how can they get to the grocery store? A once every 3 month trip to a Health Department will get you a free birth control shot and you can grocery shop at the same time.

    So asserting women’s right to equal work for equal pay gives the govt the right to forever dictate what they can do with their bodies? We have a right to life, liberty and property, my body is my property.

    Men have been regulating women’s wombs since the beginning of time while taking no consequences or responsibility themselves. You came out of the womb with our intention of you staying out of it…permanently. Time for men and politicians to keep track of their own sex organs, loosely translated, keep it in your pants.

    I’m a Libertarian so I vote my conscience not party.

    You call me an idiot and a moron, look in the mirror jackass!

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