Breitbart’s FULL video about Obama….wrap up

First, the players.


From wikipedia

Charles J. Ogletree (born December 31, 1952 in Merced, California) is Jesse Climenko Professor at Harvard Law School, the founder of the school’s Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, and the author of numerous books on legal topics.

Ogletree taught both Barack and Michelle Obama at Harvard; he has remained close to Barack Obama throughout his political career.[5] He appeared briefly on the joint Daily Show-Colbert Report election night coverage of the 2008 presidential election, making a few remarks about his personal knowledge of the Obamas.

Ogletree has written opinion pieces on the state of race in the United States for major publications.[6] Ogletree also served as the moderator for a panel discussion on civil rights in baseball on March 28, 2008 that accompanied the second annual Major League Baseball civil rights exhibition game the following day between the New York Mets and the Chicago White Sox.[7]

On July 21, 2009, Ogletree issued a statement in response to the arrest of his Harvard colleague and client, Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., whose arrest at his own home became a major news story about the nexus of politics, police power, and race that summer.[8] Professor Ogletree later wrote a book about the events entitled The Presumption of Guilt: The Arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Race, Class and Crime in America.

After the September 2009 death of Senator Ted Kennedy, Ogletree’s name was suggested as one of the possible appointees to Kennedy’s seat as a “placeholder” until a special election could be held. Other names rumored to be in contention were Michael Dukakis and several people who had held important Massachusetts or national Democratic positions: Paul G. Kirk (a former chair of the Democratic National Committee), Nick Littlefield (a former Kennedy chief of staff), Robert Travaglini, and Shannon O’Brien.[9]

In 2004 Harvard disciplined Ogletree for the plagiarism of six paragraphs from Yale scholar Jack Balkin’s book, What Brown v. Board of Education Should Have Said in his own book, All Deliberate Speed: Reflections on the First Half-Century of Brown v. Board of Education.[10] Ogletree apologized, saying that he “made a serious mistake during the editorial process of completing this book, and delegated too much responsibility to others during the final editing process.” Former Harvard President Derek C. Bok concluded, “There was no deliberate wrongdoing at all…. He marshaled his assistants and parceled out the work and in the process some quotation marks got lost.”[11][12]

Professor Derrick Bell, radical Harvard Professor.  Called America a “racist country”, “civil rights movement was a sham” and “white supremecy reigns”.

Wrote a futuristic science fiction book, “Space Traders”.  This is the synopsis of the book.

The Space Traders

Wed 14 Jul 2010 by abagond

“The Space Traders” (1992) is a short story written by Derrick Bell, science fiction fan and professor of constitutional law.  It is a thought experiment: what if space traders came from another star and offered to buy all the black people in America?

It is set in America in the near future:

The government is nearly broke.
The oil and coal are almost gone.
The air is unfit to breathe by the old and sick – they have to wear masks.
Civil rights laws have been overturned.
Most blacks are poor, walled off in ghettos under armed guard.

The Space Traders arrive, offering:

Enough gold to settle America’s debts and make it a rich country again.
Machines that can produce cheap, clean power.
Chemicals to clean the air.

In exchange for:

All the black people in America.

They will not say why they want them. They give the president 16 days to make a decision – till Martin Luther King Day. They give proof they can make good on the deal.

Most whites see the trade as an amazing piece of luck: not only would the country become rich and liveable again but race would no longer be an issue!

Blacks are solidly against the deal. They do not trust the Space Traders one bit. Whites brush off their concerns.

Blacks start escaping the country, but then the borders are closed on instructions from the Space Traders.

The country is to vote on an amendment to the constitution to allow the Trade.

For the Trade:

Most white voters – who have long seen blacks as a drain on the country and the main cause of crime. Blacks should prove their patriotism and do what is best for the country!
The president and Congress – who need the white vote.
Television preachers – who, knowing how racist their mainly white working-class audience is, milk it for all it is worth.
The Supreme Court – who compare it to the Japanese American internment and forced military service.


All blacks – even the Uncle Tom who is the main character
White liberals
Jews – who compare it to Hitler’s Final Solution, but deep down know that without blacks they would become America’s next scapegoat.
Big business – who would lose 12% of their customers while certain industries, like oil, would be destroyed by the Trade. But mainly because without blacks the white masses would wake up and see who their true enemies are.

Big business controls the media, but as a television network head points out:

We simply can’t change this country’s view about the superiority of whites and the inferiority of blacks in a week. I doubt you could do it in a decade.

They try their best – but fail: 70% of Americans vote for the Trade.

And so on the last Martin Luther King Day in America, blacks are marched onto the ships of the Space Traders in chains, half-naked, while white men with guns look on, allowing no chance of escape.

Now on to the video.
On the “full” Breitbart video it shows Obama speaking at a Harvard protest and praising Prof. Derrick Bell, hugging him and telling the crowd to open their minds and open their hearts to what the Prof. has to say.

Further on the video it shows Charles Ogletree announcing before an audience that “we hid the tape during the 2008 election”, “it doesn’t matter who finds it (the video) now”.

WBGH refused to show the whole video and heavily edited it so Obama wouldn’t look bad.


Andrea Mitchell today interviewing Ben Smith.

Andrea Mitchell To Ben Smith On Obama College Tapes: ‘This Isn’t Some Firebrand Radical’
by James Crugnale | 4:42 pm, March 7th, 2012

Ben Smith appeared on Andrea Mitchell Reports Wednesday to discuss a video posted on BuzzFeed from a Boston television station, which featured a young Barack Obama at “a 1991 campus protest in support of Harvard’s first tenured black law professor, Derrick Bell and to ‘demand tenure for minority and female law professors.’”

RELATED: Editor To Release Full ‘Obama College Video’ On Hannity Tonight

“This is remarkable footage, we saw a snippet,” Mitchell said. “We were chatting off camera about it in one of the documentaries about Barack Obama, I have never seen all of that. We know Professor Derrick Bell’s fight for diversity on the faculty of Harvard Law. And this is classic Obama.”

“It’s kind of an amazing, interesting moment because he looks so young but he sounds exactly the same. It’s a really interesting moment in his career, he’d always try to take this conciliatory middle ground, particularly around issues of race. This was a moment he couldn’t there was an intense, divisive moment at Harvard where Derrick Bell was threatening to quit if they did not increase divserity in hiring and everyone had to choose to side and he ultimately chose to side with Bell and he gave this very classic Obama speech.”

“And what’s classic about it is it’s race and gender!” Mitchell exclaimed. “It’s the very issues we are talking about today, it’s issues of gender that have certainly taken hold in the republican campaign and we have heard what the president said when he called Sandra Fluke and spoke out about it at his press conference.”

“It gives you a sense of how adept he is at navigating these issues in public and how look he’s been doing it — and how much practice he’s has,” Smith noted.

“And the consistency of it and this is not some firebrand radical at all in the context of the times,” Mitchell observed. “He was the head of the law review and speaking out on behalf of a very distinguished professor.”

“And also taking a side, and taking the left side but doing it in a way that feels very conciliatory,” Smith concluded.

Not discussed was’s contention that the video in question has been selectively edited.

Watch below via MSNBC:


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