My Toshiba saga goes like this.

Once upon a time a computer tech challenged but beautiful woman bought a Toshiba laptop computer, computer tech challenged beautiful woman was me and once upon a time meaning Feb. 4, 2011.

The first event in this saga was, 6 months in the DVD drive crapped out, didn’t want to send it back to be fixed just for a $30 investment so I bought an external DVD drive,  9 months later the Hard Drive went out so I sent it back to be repaired.

The tech person on the phone told me to take the hard drive out before sending it back so I did.

Got a call a few days later asking, where’s the hard drive?

They sent the computer back.

I put the hard drive back in and sent it back to them.

They replaced the hard drive and the DVD drive and re installed windows, that was in October 2011.

March 2012, 6 months later …. again, the DVD drive and the touch pad crapped out and I lost the system operating part of my windows.

Called Toshiba tech, I knew the touch pad was out of warranty but expected them to honor the DVD drive since this one was only 6 months old, well, imagine my “not so surprise” when they said no, the warranty had expired and they would not honor the 6 month old DVD drive that they had replaced, but they could help me fix my windows for the low low price of $49.99.

I told them in no uncertain terms where to stick it and told him, him being Felix, that I would expect Toshiba to man up and replace the new parts and the windows that they installed.  Fat lot of good that did me.

So, once again being a beautiful but naive computer owner, I took it to a local repair shop.  I knew right away the guy was an idiot and should have walked out but I didn’t, he confirmed his idiotness when I picked the computer up.

I left instructions for the touch pad and DVD drive to be repaired and to find and fix the problem with windows.

When I returned to pick up the computer, he said that he couldn’t fix the DVD drive or the touch pad and he didn’t have the parts to replace them.  Order them dumbass!!   On the windows he just upgraded my windows but didn’t bother to find out for sure what the problem was, he figured it was a virus, but he put the new windows over what was still working on the old windows which means, if there was a virus, it’s still there.

I bought a new computer because I don’t trust the Toshiba to work consistently.  So now I have a totally worthless piece of shit, one year old, Toshiba Laptop.

I’m trying to live up to my promise to Toshiba of telling everyone I know not to buy their crappy product because they won’t stand behind it.

I now have an HP because it’s cheaper to replace every year, if need be, than a Toshiba.  I have an old Acer that I used to bitch about all the time, never again, Acer is far superior to Toshiba, I’ve had it for 4 years and it still works.


17 comments on “DON’T BUY A TOSHIBA LAPTOP

  1. Ah ha! Worked.

    Anyhoo, I don’t have a laptop – just a conventional big ol’ computer sitting in my office. We had ours custom built by our guru. Cost? $600.00 apiece. A real bargain…

  2. I know everyone (who ever the hell “everyone” is) says WordPress is so cool. Instead, I tend to see huge problems with WordPress users.

  3. Actually, Word Press isn’t that bad, they just should have left well enough alone but that happens with a lot of big sites, they have a tendency to want to change things around on a regular basis. You just get used to one way and then they change it.

    On the other side of the coin, I hate DISQUS. lol

  4. I deal with DISQUS in other places and they are particularly touchy about comments. On your forum I hate that I can’t edit my comments like the 10 Commandments faux pas. lol

  5. Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog and commented:
    Dear wife got a new computer out of the deal so everybody is happy now…well, at least fairly happy. The dunce that worked on the Toshiba computer didn’t really fix it and we’re out a hundred and twenty-five bucks. Good help is hard to find.

  6. Hmmmm. Didn’t know about the edit thingy. With diqus you can “black list” certain words, so maybe other people have done that. I haven’t, but my idiot troll has a whole black list page devoted to nothing but his myriad of ISP’s and emails. A person has to be insane to be so persistent. Seriously!

  7. Toshiba Tomorrow??????
    They should be put out of business TODAY.
    HARD drive bad . what the HELL is a RECOVERY disks for???

    If you loose windows on bad sectors of thier shitty hard drives
    Then you can`t recover anything.

    When a product warns you about burning your legs & it`s a laptop
    That should be the clue.
    Almost every laptop dies in a couple of years.
    They should be held accountable not like Nortel.
    Run away with our money see ya suckers.

    They are plastic junk made in other countries to get us.
    We are the fools………………………..

  8. That’s what I told them, how can I recover when I have no access to a recovery disk and can’t restore because I don’t have a restore anymore. And even if I had a recovery disk, your sorry ass dvd drive crapped out so how could I use it. The jerks!!!

  9. I have a laptop Toshiba and In my opinion it gives shit a bad name! The first thing to go was the screen after 4 months. then the touch pad on the right side didn’t it keeps shutting off and doing system restore….I hate it hate it hate it. A waste of good money for this shit….don’t buy one……

  10. Hi i agree with you toshiba i will never buy again.when i brought mine brand new back in 2010 about 6months my harddrive packed up wat a nightmare and it was still warranty ..besides other things my keyboard the letters faded with little use my battery dead but they have discontinued the model of my battery so they say issues after issues so its a piece shit…the support they lie they shove u from one person to another bad custimer support dont buy a toshiba …….

  11. thank you guys, i was thinking in a buy a toshiba.., im coming from HP, other well known shit (dv series). Today i was in pc store ad i saw the enonomic toshiba serie, c850 and so on. I put a finger in the kboard and it seemed to be made from paper, no plastic… too much fragil. Now im thinking very seriously in to build a desktop.

  12. If you are reading this, then you wish you had purchased a Macbook Pro. I bought a Toshiba U845T and it has been a nightmare. I bought it from Toshiba Direct and didn’t discover what a giant POS it was until after the 10 day return policy. After extensive testing by myself here is what I found:

    The Hitachi HDD that these come with are total garbage. Mine had loads of bad blocks and horrible read times for a large portion of the drive. I sent it back and they replaced the HDD with another. No bad blocks but still sub par transfer read times for a large portion of the drive. If your drive is bad, like mine was, Windows 8 will operate slowly, lockup, windows 8 blue screen and restart to a repair. The software (Windows) can only do so much with a crap drive by attempting to move the data on bad sectors to another part of the drive. To resolve this will cost you $25 in shipping if your laptop is under warranty and there is no guarantee they will put a good drive back in. Create restore disks from Windows, so you can reload the OS, backup files, and then replace the drive with a Western Digital. They are about $80 new for 1TB. If your laptop is not under warranty this can easily be replaced by your local geek. If you don’t have any geek friends, then make some.

    The keyboard is also garbage and when I send it back for a second time hopefully I’ll get a keyboard where the keys don’t come loose and pop up.

    If you are reading this and haven’t yet bought a Toshiba laptop. PLEASE save yourself a lot of trouble for an expensive product and DON’T buy one. You’ll likely be much happier with an HP or Mac Pro. Yes the Mac Pro is more expensive, but you can also run Windows/Linux on it with Parallels or multi boot with Bootcamp and you can take it to any Apple store with a repair center if something is wrong.

    Bottom line is that I wish I had spent the extra cash to get a Macbook Pro and I wouldn’t be wasting time trying to get a new product fixed.

  13. I bought the worst laptop ever!! It didn’t take months before the keyboard of this piece of shit malfunctioned, then the hard drive comes next. Toshiba laptop sucks big time!! I feel sorry for every customer who purchased a sorry excuse for a product from this greedy and incompetent company. I hope Toshiba company shuts down soon!

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