My thought for the day – Liberal schools promote class warfare

Adrienne has some thoughts for the day and I found in trying to reply that it ended up being a post by itself.

I could give a crap about Malia, what irks me, besides the news media’s wimping out is, school trips themselves.

When I was in school our field trips consisted of going to the State Capital and at the schools expense except for the box lunch we had to bring.  Nowadays, the liberal schools seem to think our kids need exotic trips paid for by the parents, I personally think it’s the teachers who want to go on the trips at the expense of the parents.

These expensive school trips are just a way to promote class warfare, and I don’t mean the 8th grade “class”.  Those who’s parents can afford it get to go while the poorer kids get shunned because they can’t afford it.

I remember right after Sept 11, the school trip that Christmas was to a mall, yeah, that’s right, a MALL, that was the main course with Toys R Us being the dessert.  Another case of class warfare and another way to discredit the family unit.  They hype these kids up to want toys that some parents can’t afford and set them up for disappointment and loss of faith in their parents.

At this time there were State Dept warnings about malls being soft targets and they wanted to take MY KID to a potential terror target.  I called the school and asked if they were freakin’ idiots.  My kid didn’t go and she was punished by having to sit in school almost alone all day.   I had explained to her why I wasn’t going to let her go so she wouldn’t think I was just being mean, she was in kindergarten but she understood and didn’t hold it against me.

This is why I like Santa, the kid asks Santa for something and when they don’t get it they can blame him.

The thing that gets me is, most parents will take out a 2nd mortgage just so their kid doesn’t get left out.  I prefer to stand up for what I believe but I’m in the minority.   When Obama wanted to live feed his little talk to school kids in Baltimore? I was the only parent in this ultra conservative town that spoke out against it.  I first emailed my childs teacher and explained my opposition to it, she apparently was a liberal because when she responded she thought it was a wonderful thing for the kids to hear Obama, I emailed her again and she wouldn’t even respond to me.  I contacted the Superintendent and explained my views and he also was all for Obama, sooooooooo I went to the principle and finally found a person of intelligence, who agreed with me. 😀 Obama was not shown in the school.

When my daughter was in 7th grade, they wanted to teach her sex ed, it was and opt out at that time so I opted out, and again I was the only parent who did.  I had the principle of that school tell me I was stupid and being foolish.   I told him to have a nice day and walked across the street to the Superintendents office and informed him that that weasely little twirp principal will never speak to me that way again.  I got home about 10 minutes later and the phone was ringing as I walked in the door, it was the principal apologizing.

Parents need to stand up for what they believe in and not be concerned on how it might reflect on the child because, in the long run, you’re instilling principles in your child.


6 comments on “My thought for the day – Liberal schools promote class warfare

  1. Glad I helped you get all that off your chest.

    We never had big expensive trips when I was a wee lass. The biggest field day thingy I ever did in school was take a train from St. Paul to Minneapolis. I love trains so it was a super big deal. Oh yeah – I forgot we did a field trip to the Wonder bread factory (bakery?) Anyhoo, we all received miniature loaves of bread complete to the white bag with balloons on it. It was so cool because we NEVER ever had Wonder bread in our house.

    I can’t imagine my mom allowing me to go on such trips, either. That’s what families are supposed to do together.

    Listen – the churches have fallen into the whole “entertain the kids at all costs” thing. Never mind actually teaching them anything. Now they eat and play games all the way through 12th grade. Kids who are 17 and 18 years old playing games???? What’s up with that? I was an adult by the time I was 17.

  2. I too was married at 16 and had my first child already.

    The class trips have gotten insane. A MALL? REALLY?!?! When my youngest was in Kindergarten, his brother got to go to see a movie with his clas. I didn’t even know about it (dad “forgot” to mention it) till Dan came home crying because his brother got to go see a movie and he didn’t. I was irritated to say the least. I was ANGRY when I found out it was a PG rated movie.

    Whatever happened to taking the kids to the opera, state capital or zoos? If they want to take the kids to a museum with IMAX, it’s 10 dollars a pop. I can’t afford that!

  3. I remember going to the zoo and museums for field trips in San Diego when I was a kid. They were all free back then. I also recall taking a train trip up to Del Mar. We toured the local TV station. All of these field trips were free and educational, although the train trip to Del Mar was to the race track, (horses). I’m still trying to figure that one out, lol.

    Mr. G

  4. I forgot that when I was in the 5th grade all the girls got to go see a movie, the boys were upset until they found out what movie it was, it was truly a “girlie” movie.

    In 8th grade my kid (granddaughter) class trip was to New York City to the tune of $700, I said no but then a friend of hers who had already put a deposit on the trip moved we were given the option of buying the balance, I caved, mostly because I knew I would never take her and slightly because we got a $250 discount. But still, NYC????

    This year her Color Guard team trip is going to Universal Studios for $500, I said no and I’m sticking to it. I can take her to Universal Studios cheaper than that.

    Like I said, I think the teachers and PTO, which is made up of the rich bitches that make this stuff up and they get to go free for being chaperones.

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