Trayvon Martin, Juvenile Delinquent or Scared Kid?

Media is reporting today on Trayvon’s “youthful indiscretions”.  He was suspended from school on three occasions, once for graffiti,  once for possessing burglary tools, a screwdriver and some jewelry and the last time for marijuana traces and paraphernalia but this shouldn’t be at issue here, and in no way, signal a penchant for violence.

Imagine this scenario, you’re a young man walking home from the store happily snacking on some skittles and nonchalantly swigging ice tea, when out of the blue some heavy set Hispanic male starts following you.   You look around and there is no one but you and he, you make eye contact to let him know that you know that he’s watching and following you, hoping that he would realize he’s been found out and stop following you.  The lone vehicle is a pick up truck with no particularly or noticeable markings, no big sign on the side that says, “self proclaimed neighborhood watch captain”.   No uniform that has big “security guard” letters on it, no badge, no nothing to suggest any authority whatsoever.

You continue on your merry way being mindful of this man behind you, not knowing why or what he wants.  Your mind races, is this guy a pervert, a robber or perhaps even a killer, why is he following me, I need to get home to safety, I need to run away from this man.  Damn, he’s still behind me, I can’t have him follow me home, who knows what he’ll do when he finds out where I live, I need to stop him.  I’ll kick his ass first and ask questions later since I don’t know if he has a weapon.

Blacks are screaming, kill George Zimmerman, white’s are calmly saying, let’s wait until the facts come in.  First the true facts will probably never be known.  The police chief has quit and gone running with his tail between his legs, probably because he didn’t want to have to deal with angry black mobs.  The Justice Dept has already shown that they won’t stand up to the black panthers so where is the truth going to come from?

I say there are certain facts already there that can’t be disputed.  Fact:  an unarmed boy was walking home from the store with a bag of skittles.  Fact:  George Zimmerman was following the boy even though he was told by police to stand down.  Fact:  George Zimmerman instigated this altercation by not standing down.  Fact:  911 call clearly shows that police were on their way and would meet him at the mailboxes.  Fact:  911 call clearly shows that he  said “okay” and then said “here’s my number, have them call me and I’ll tell them where I am”, clearly indicating that he was not going to be at the mailboxes that he was going to continue to follow Trayvon.  Fact:  George Zimmerman has called the police 46 times in the previous days which clearly shows he was a man on a mission looking to make a name for himself by catching all the bad guys in the neighborhood.  Fact:  On the 911 tape he clearly says “They always get away” which means that he has chased others.  He was looking for an altercation, he was looking for trouble, he didn’t count on this one not running away.

Now for the pop quiz…..

What would you do if some strange man was following you?


21 comments on “Trayvon Martin, Juvenile Delinquent or Scared Kid?

  1. Well if you know right from wrong there is actually a way of gooingf about the matter as there is for any matter.
    The fact is if zimmerman called the police they boy was doing wrong why else phone the police? If the boy felt he had to get physical thats bad parenting 100% and wrong in the boys part for sure.
    Now zimmerman might have been taking his role as a watchman overboard but who doesnt want a good, clean and safe neighborhood?
    In my own opinion i think the boy had already started his path to wrong doing and criminal behavior and the parents along with everyone else who is just jumping on the band wagon are clearly using the race card.
    When is it going to be over? Ok there was a time there were slaves thousands of years ago! GET OVER IT! you yourself were never one, you can hear all the stories you want but you were never a slave!

    • First of all, what proof do you have the Trayvon had started a criminal path? We all the Zimmerman is actually the one that has had trouble with the law in the past. Do charges of assault and resisting arrest sound familiar. And second, the bottom line here is the police told Zimmerman NOT to follow this young man. Zimmerman completely disregarded the police request. Also Zimmerman was not registered member of any neighborhood watch, he was some paranoid vigilante that went looking for trouble. Trayvon was just looking for some skittles and an iced tea. Last time I checked being young, black and male walking down the street wasn’t illegal. And just for your information slavery was NOT thousands of years ago. It ended in the 1800s. But apparently racism and ignornance hasn’t eneded yet. Now that’s something I wish would be over. information information

    • Well, this is obviously written by a honky redneck. I’m a “honky” but far from being a redneck. I don’t know what the record shows about what goes on in this neighborhood but a hulking cop wannabe has no right naming himself as an “uncaped crusader” unless he has been so designated by the police department. I don’t think Zimmerman intended to kill Martin but became scared when he was faced by a kid who wasn’t easily intimidated. Zimmerman is no hero but is a thug who wanted to play one.
      I don’t think he’ll be found guilty but I can guarantee if this had happened anywhere other that in a Southern state he’d be up the creek without a paddle.

  2. Fact: George Zimmerman has called the police 46 times in the previous days.

    According to the Daily Beast Z called 911 46 times in the previous eight years not days. I read that somewhere else, too.

    Fact: George Zimmerman was following the boy even though he was told by police to stand down.

    Many reports and eyewitness (which are prone to be very unreliable) indicate that he didn’t follow him but went back to his truck.

    The only facts we really have are that Martin is dead and Zimmerman shot him.

    In time, the feds are going to have to make some sort of a complete statement. I’ll save my outrage for after that statement and see if it makes sense.

    You see – this whole thing has dissolved into a “he said, she said” sort of thing. I don’t trust anything I read from anywhere about this whole thing. I’m much more concerned with what’s going on in the Supreme Court.

    • There’s a reason that police go through the intensive training they do. It is to keep them from overreacting or reacting without all the facts. I am interested in seeing what the real transcript is from 911, not the rumored conversation. How can one make a realistic assessment without that key piece of information? If Mr. Z continued on his own after being instructed by police to stand down, it is obvious what was driving him and that is reacting on emotion not reality.

      Police cars all have it on their cars in big letters: TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE. Did Zimmerman do either?

      Signed, a white housewife

    • I’m concerned with what’s going on the Supreme Court too but I can’t say anything about that until the hearing is over and when it is I shall be all over it. Besides, I’m very good at multi tasking. 😀

  3. I am TRULY sickened over all this RACE CARD CRAP….there are MANY MANY black on white crimes, black on hispanic, hispanic on black hispanic on white white on hispanic white on white, black on black, hispanic on hispanic etc …etc …etc I can go on for DAYS you DONT hear about these crimes do you??? NO! and hwy not??? BECAUSE THEY DONT WARRANT THE PUBLICITY THAT THESE TYPES OF CRIMES DO….where is the Justice for the white girl who was brutally raped and killed along with her boyfriend by a black Gang in Oklahoma??? you didnt hear about that one didja??? perhaps ALL races should have EQUAL justice not just ONE

  4. Everyone DOES realize that Zimmerman is half-Black and half-Hispanic, right?! He also suffered a broken nose and abrasions and was treated at a hospital. According to his report, he was jumped from behind by Treyvon after following him and then leaving.

    • That’s not entirely accurate. He is half WHITE and half Hispanic. He was treated at the hospital the next day. And, your report-er is wrong, there is evidence that they actually had a conversation before Trayvon hit him, that conversation consisted of,

      Trayvon: Why are you following me?
      Zimmerman: What are you doing here?
      Trayvon: Why are you following me?
      Zimmerman: What are you doing here?
      Trayvon: Do you have a problem with me?
      Zimmerman: No!
      Trayvon: Well, you do now.

      So how could he have “jumped” him from behind when they had a conversation before the first punch?

  5. martin got what he deserved. hopefully this will be a message to all the delinquent hooded youth who prowl our city streets and housing estates. hopefully they are now experiencing fear.

    • It hasn’t been proved that Martin was delinquent. I suppose you believe that any black kid wearing a hood, IN THE RAIN is delinquent. This is the attitude that gets innocent people killed and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. What I would do would depend on if I had my gun with me, if unarmed I would try to get out of there. If I had my gun I would try to avoid pulling it at all cost. If the person had follow me over 130 yards like Zimmerman and I had my gun I would tell him to back off, if he didn’t I would present my gun. If they walked away it’s over and I call the police if they go for a gun I try to fire first. If unarmed and chased over a hundred yards like Trayvon and then told there was no problem I would probably get defensive and possibly be killed.

  7. “What would I do if I were a teen and some man was following me?”

    I would hang up on my girlfriend and dial 911. I certainly would not confront him…

  8. The blog post failed to mention any statements made by the various witnesses, including a man who stated he saw TM going MMA on GZ. Now who would not defend his/herself against that? I absolutely would, if I had a weapon and had the chance to use it. I want to live and will do all I can to not be killed.

    Regardless of how the event started, it finished with TM sitting on GZ’s chest, beating him. And then with a bullet through TM’s chest. What is it that GZ did to deserve to have a guy on his chest beating him? Following a guy through his neighborhood? So maybe TM was irritated by GZ following him but does that give him the right to pound his head into the pavement, break his nose, and give him two black eyes? IF that’s the case, TM overreacted. In fairness, I’ll reverse the question and ask you what gave GZ the right to shoot a guy who was sitting on his chest going MMA on him? What gave him the right to shoot a guy who broke his nose, gave him two black eyes, and slammed his head into the pavement?

    Let’s reverse roles here, making GZ a black man and TM a white youth. That story would have never made the news, and if you were pressed for an opinion, I have no doubt you would take the side of the black man, figuring the white youth must have done something to deserve it.

    This whole incident devolved quickly, with many, many black people taking the side of TM before the police finished their investigation. If we each want justice for ourselves and our loved ones, we all need to insist on it for all people.

    Because of the hype around the TM/GZ case, I doubt there will ever be justice for either man. TM deserves to have the shooter tried in a court of law, where they would find GZ guilty or innocent of the charges. And GZ deserves to have all of the facts revealed in court so a judge or jury can determine his gulit or innocence. But there is such a taint, a bias in this case, I doubt justice will ever be served to either man.

  9. This new post has the official full length version police report complete with witness accounts.

    I agree that if the roles were reversed it would never have made the news but you’re completely wrong on who’s side I’d take. Start reading some of my other posts which you should find the ones that are of interest to you in the drop down category box under “crime”. You will see that I do more than my fair share of blasting the black thug community. Not that it matters but, I’m white.

  10. Well facts show otherwise. First this “boy” who’s body was a weapon in itself (he was dangerous martial arts practitioner) would have been in the exact same position as the “killer” if the defendant wouldn’t have use his gun to protect himself. Many years ago I was taking martial arts myself. In the school the teacher would gather 3 low ranking students against 1 high ranking for a fight. i saw time after time that the ones with lower ranking always lost. In one case 3 guys of about 30 years of age fought against one who was only 16 years old. Guess who won… the 16 year old “boy” who beat the s..t out of the other three. These fights (competitions) were under the supervision of the teacher and no one got killed of course but out on the street is something else. Case closed.

  11. In still one more of her prosecution-friendly rulings in the second degree murder trial Florida v. George Zimmerman, Judge Debra Nelson ruled on Wednesday that the jury will not see the many texts and photos on Trayvon Martin’s dealing with guns and fighting.

    The ruling followed a lengthy, televised presentation by phone expert Richard Connor Tuesday night on the contents of Martin’s phone. Although the jury was not present, the media were and have no excuse for not reporting what Connor revealed.

    As the texts made clear, the Martin “family attorneys knew what they were doing when they moved to seal Martin’s school records even before the story went public.

    This exchange between Martin and a female friend on Nov. 21, 2011, three months before his death, spoke to where his life was heading.

    After he told her he was “tired and sore” from a fight, she asked him why he fought. “Bae” is shorthand for “babe.”

    MARTIN: Cause man dat nigga snitched on me

    FRIEND: Bae y you always fightinqq man, you got suspended?

    MARTIN: Naw we thumped afta skool in a duckd off spot

    FRIEND: Ohh, Well Damee

    MARTIN: I lost da 1st round 😦 but won da 2nd nd 3rd . . . .

    FRIEND: Ohhh So It Wass 3 Rounds? Damn well at least yu wonn lol but yuu needa stop fighting bae Forreal

    MARTIN: Nay im not done with fool….. he gone hav 2 see me again

    FRIEND: Nooo… Stop, yuu waint gonn bee satisified till yuh suspended again, huh?

    MARTIN: Naw but he aint breed nuff 4 me, only his nose

    The fight followed the mixed martial arts (MMA) format. A day later, he would tell a friend that his opponent “got mo hits cause in da 1st round he had me on da ground nd I couldn’t do ntn.”

    As his girlfriend complained, Martin was “always” fighting. He was also something of a sadist. His opponent, after all, did not bleed enough. Why might this be relevant?

    Jonathan Good, the closest of the eyewitnesses to the shooting, testified last week that a there was a “black man in a black hoodie on top of either a white guy … or an Hispanic guy in a red sweater on the ground yelling out help,” and that black man on top was “throwing down blows on the guy MMA [mixed martial arts] style.”

    On Nov. 22, the day after the MMA-style fight, Martin told a friend that his mother “just kicked me out” and that he had to move in with his father.

    When the friend asked why, Martin answered, “Da police caught me outta skool.” Said the friend, “U a hoodlum.” “Naw,” said Martin. “I’m a gangsta.”

    On Dec. 21, 2011, Martin told a friend, “dam I just got in trouble 4 sum sh** I aint even do.” His mother, Sybrina Fulton, was dismayed. “Pack up your clothes now,” she texted him.

    On Dec. 22, Martin confided to a girlfriend, “I got in trouble.” She asked, “What did you do now.” As was typical, Martin took no responsibility. “I aint do ntn . . . . call me.”

    On the day before Christmas, his mother texted Martin, “I’m concerned about u but I’m praying for u and I want U to pray for yourself EVERYDAY, ok.” She was texting the son she used to know.

    On Jan. 6, 2012, Martin got into trouble at school again. When asked why, he told a friend, “Caus I was watcn a fight nd a teacher say I hit em.”

    Said the friend, “Idk how u be getting in trouble an sh**.” By this time, Martin’s mother had thrown him out of the house for “fightn,” and he had moved in with his aunt and uncle.

    The multiple texts about “weed” and the photos of marijuana plants confirmed Martin’s interests in drugs. On Feb. 21, five days before the shooting, “Weedhead” – as a friend called Martin – took the bus for Orlando to stay with his father’s girlfriend, Brandy Green.

    Martin was free to travel because his school had suspended him again, this time for possession of marijuana and a pipe. The bust did little to sober him up.

    “I hid m weed,” he confided to a girlfriend, afraid that he might have been searched before the trip. He texted later that day, “I got weed nd I get money Friday.”

    The text and photos pointed to an even more dangerous new hobby, namely guns. Indeed, one of the photos of Trayvon Martin’s showed a hand, likely Martin’s own, on a pistol.

    Guns excited him. “U got heat??” he enthused upon learning that a friend had access to a gun. On the bus trip to Orlando, Martin was negotiating to buy a handgun with a friend. “U wanna share a .380?” he asked.

    Upon leaving Miami, Martin seemed to be growing angrier. On Feb. 21, he texted a girlfriend who was pouting about another girl, presumably in Sanford.

    Wrote Martin, “f***z u cuz I neva text ha 2 day I made dat sh** up so u leav me df alone bout it.” Two days later, on Feb. 23, a friend tried to warn Martin off some behavior that troubled even the friend. “I ain’t ya parent,” he texted him, “but gsh** thro it away.”

    Martin was not in the mood to be lectured to. “Y u gotta knock my hustle??” he shot back.

    One of the more indicative messages revealed by Connor came from Martin’s younger half-brother, Demetrius Martin. Last seen in the media crying as he remembered his brother during a “March for Peace,” this message had Demetrius asking Martin when he was “going to teach me to fight.”

    If Zimmerman is convicted, insiders think Nelson’s ruling so inappropriate that it will get the conviction overturned and perhaps even get the case dismissed.

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