George Zimmerman’s Lawyer refuses to do scheduled interview – video

I’m not a fan of Lawrence O’Donnell, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I was pointed to this video by one of my commenter’s and, being a fair minded person,  felt obligated to view it.  That being said, I found it interesting and informative.  O’Donnell certainly asked very good questions and many of us would like to have heard the answers.  Charles Blow from the NY Times made some excellent points, some of which I have tried to make myself.

It’s all about what constitutes self defense.  I believe that Zimmerman instigated the encounter by following and not identifying himself when given the opportunity and therefore loses his right to claim self defense under the “stand your ground” law.  The laws on “stand your ground” in every state specify that you cannot initiate the confrontation, if you could then there would surely be a lot more dead people around and we’d be the wild west all over again.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, just sayin’.

The point made by Mr. Blow is, did Trayvon have that same right to “stand your ground”?

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