Rep. Corrine Brown – D-FL stutters Trayvon Martin video

About 6 min in she can’t remember the name of a white female murdered in her community.  I bet if her name was Shaniqua she would have remembered.

By phoebe53 Posted in Crime

3 comments on “Rep. Corrine Brown – D-FL stutters Trayvon Martin video

  1. I’m not being racist, I’m just trying to be fair. If you read the rest of my posts concerning this matter you will see that I’m not a fan of Mr. Zimmerman’s. So is it racist to point out faults of both races, or in the case of Zimmerman, all 3 races?

    I just happen to think that the Black Caucus is a very racist group and enjoy pointing it out at every opportunity.

    Blacks in general are more racist than whites. Where’s the black outrage or condemnation when blacks kill whites?

    Where was the black outrage and condemnation when 5 black thugs tortured, sexually abused and mutilated for days and murdered Channon Gail Christian, 21, and Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr., 23 in Tennessee? Where were the Black voices of Jackson, Sharpton and the Black Caucus then?

    You want racist, look in the mirror. I just try to point out both sides.

  2. As a resident of Rep. Corrine Brown 3rd disctrict ,I feel I’m qualified to say she is a bigot.

    She retains her foothold on her posistion by keeping her black
    constituents ignorant and enslaved.

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