Transcript of interview with Zimmerman’s friend

Here is an excerpt from an interview between Local 6’s Kala Rama and Joe Oliver, friend of neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman.

Local 6: Why would George go after him?

Oliver: “He saw a suspicious individual who was keeping an eye out so he could let the police know that last place that they saw him, that’s one, that’s why he would. Go back and take a look at the 911 tape and the dispatcher says ‘are you following him’ and he says ‘Yeah’ and the dispatcher says ‘We don’t need you to do that.’ Most of the time that is where it stops but George responds ‘OK.'”

Local 6: So do you believe he stopped?

Oliver:  “I believe he was heading back to his vehicle when Trayvon came up to him.”

Local 6: Can you describe the attack?

Oliver: “I can say how it was described in the paper was how it was described to me.”

Local 6: So his head was bashed in to the sidewalk numerous times and he was decked in the face?

Oliver: It started with a punch to the face that knocked him down. Take into consideration that this man is 6 feet, 2 inches hitting down on him.

Local 6: The way Sanford PD describes it is that he was attacked from behind as he had turned around and walked to his car.

Oliver: “There was a conversation between the two that started with Trayvon asking if he had a problem and when Geroge responded no, Trayvon responded with a punch saying you do now. What I have talked to George about is what I needed to know in order to put myself in this position. I wish I could say everything George told me but that is part of the investigation that is why we are heading to a grand jury.”

Zimmerman had the perfect opportunity to find out why Trayvon was there but instead, when asked if he had a problem, said “NO”.

This could have gone a whole different way if Zimmerman had just said, I’m the neighborhood watch and I haven’t seen you here before, mind telling me who you are and what you’re doing here?  By identifying himself he could have calmed the stressful situation.

They were both stressed and the adrenaline was running high on both sides, Zimmerman because he was trying to protect his neighborhood and Trayvon because he didn’t know why a strange man was following him.

To read the full transcript go to

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