Grand jury to meet Tuesday in Trayvon Martin case

Monday, April 09, 2012


Tuesday marks a pivotal day in the ongoing investigation into Trayvon Martin’s death.

That’s when a group of citizens will make up a grand jury tasked with looking at all the evidence and deciding if that’s enough to arrest George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot the 17-year-old in late February.

A lot of what happens in a grand jury is confidential, so it’s not certain when the public will learn what the grand jury decides.

The special prosecutor appointed to lead the investigation, Florida state attorney Angela Corey, can release the grand jury’s basic conclusion. But for the most part, the details about what witnesses had to say or the evidence presented to the grand jury will all be kept secret.

Already, there has been buzz on social media encouraging people to wear hoodies and show up at the Seminole County Courthouse Tuesday to show their support for Trayvon Martin.

The courthouse has begun preparing for possible protests. Officials said protesters and demonstrators will not be permitted within 100 feet from the courthouse’s front doors on days when the grand jury meets.
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