Trayvon Martin’s family reacts to Zimmerman’s arrest

Al Sharpton leading the Martin family in to the press conference.  Huge applause from the reporters.

Sharpton speaks…

45 days ago Trayvon Martin was murdered, Sanford Police Chief announced there would be no arrest, an outcry from all over the country came because his parents refused to leave it there, acting out of love and the basic principles this country was based on.  They believed in the system and believed the arrest will be made.

Gov. Scott announced that he would appointed a special prosecutor and we want to thank him and the prosecutor for what they should be.  Despite the fact we are different political parties, only the facts should matter when we’re talking about a human life.  If there had not been pressure there would not be a second look.  It’s the unknown people who took their time and money and stood up that could be my son or my grandson.  They charged him with a serious crime, he deserves a fair trial.  We don’t want anyone high fiv-ing tonight there are no winners.  We will not be gloating, we are still mourning, we will monitor the trial all the way, this is not a night of celebration, it’s a night that should never have happened.  Are we happy with the results, if Americans come together they can accomplish things.  We don’t know where it will lead but this family has the right of redress.

Tracy Martin

Want to thank everyone for being as passionate about this as we were and will be.  We have faith.

Sabrina Fulton

First thank God, we wanted an arrest, we got an arrest.

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