This is just way too funny!

Prick With A Fork

Food, politics, and cultureImage are three of the Prick’s great loves, so a story which hits the trifecta – such as Barack Obama’s youthful forays into dog-eating, and, more importantly, his bragging about it in a memoir written before he’d ever accomplished a damn thing – is, around these parts, a bit of manna from heaven .

Or as they say in the Oval Office, “Mastiff From Heaven”. Boom-tish.

About the only line of defense Obama’s people have managed to come up with in his defense is “youthful indiscretion”, and isn’t it unfair to attack the man for something he did as a child, unlike Mitt Romney strapping his dog to the top of the car when he was in his thirties? But the point is not just that he did it, but that he wrote about it, and what that says about the man. Even if he was a…

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