Personal Sovereignty

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Sovereignty is inherent in the individual human being,it is the
manifested condition and resulting process that is embodied in the
free will and is the foundation and entirety of Natural Human Rights natural rights.

The self evident truth is that a human
being owns oneself, that the individual can think for oneself, make
choices, take responsibility for those choices and in all ways control
one’s actions in a rational manner. Individual sovereignty is the
right and the ability to govern one’s actions independently and to
govern one’s interactions in concert with others. It is the origin of
government, as a self-governing sovereign must learn to govern one’s
behavior in relation to the external environment and society.

As a sovereign the individual has the right and ability to
control those associations into which one chooses to enter. All free
governments are founded on the consent and authority of the individual
and instituted for the individual’s own peace, safety, happiness and
protection of property. The individual may create or join into any
form of government that one chooses through associations that are
entered into by all persons voluntarily. For the advancement of these
ends, they have at all times an inalienable right to alter, reform or
abolish their government in such manner as they may deem proper. It
is, after all, their government, it is not an institution to which
they are subject, it is their own governance in relation to one
another, the terms, laws, contracts, etc. under which they choose to
live and do business.

The idea of individual sovereignty is that the individual is supreme,
that no one may organize any group, government or entity that usurps
the supremacy of the individual to have sovereignty over one’s own
life, body, mind, property and associations. And, when anyone joins
together with you in any association, business, government or other
entity it must be by mutual consent among individual sovereigns. All
rights belong only to individual people, states and governments don’t
have any rights, an institution doesn’t have a free will, it can’t
make independent decisions or control its own actions, it is merely a
structure of offices and technology used by individuals. Institutions
only have authorities or powers given to them by the people.
Sovereignty is an ideal based on the free will of the human being,
since only the individual person has a heart and mind and soul to make
choices by one’s own free will, then only the individual person has

The political-state is an organization, an institution, a
procedure–tools, institutions and procedures don’t have sovereignty.
In the past only the Monarch claimed to be the sovereign. That was
replaced by nation-states claiming sovereignty over the lives of their
subjects. Then, in the United States arose the idea of popular
sovereignty, which means mob rule, because throughout U.S. history
those in power have oppressed different groups. Popular sovereignty
doesn’t exist, it is a fraud, and impossibility, a mob can’t have
sovereignty, no more than can a political party or a dictator; only
the individuals who belong to the mob have sovereignty. To presume to
give rights to a mob to violate the sovereignty of individuals is the
very definition of criminality. Slavery and segregation of an entire
race was an example of popular sovereignty in the US, the idea that
the majority may do anything it wants against the minority, the
majority creates or amends the Constitution according to their
desires. The Constitution of a democratic state is just a license for
mob tyranny. The only real protection for the individual is in a
government that is entered into consensually, where everyone is
responsible for respecting each others’ sovereign rights.

When the individual has full control over one’s own life and the power
to to make free choices in all that one enters into, including the
form of government one chooses to live in, then the government will
become the servant and not the master.

There are two alternatives to the right of the Individual to own one’s
self. Either (A), a certain group of people (masters) own everyone
else (slaves), or (B), everyone has a right to own an equal share of
everyone else, therefor each person would own some 200 millionth part
of one’s self, possibly a small collection of cells in some undefined
part of one’s own body with the rest of one’s body being a slave to
the other 200 million people. Therefore one would also own a 200
millionth part of every other citizen. So you could in theory take
your piece of flesh out of every other person and trade it for the
pieces of flesh that are part of your own body but owned by society
and assemble your parts together into some theoretical creature which
you would then fully own. The idea that you are entitled to own a
piece of everyone else yet not entitled to own yourself is crazy, but
that is the presumption on which is built the democratic-socialist
state. This communistic ownership in everyone but yourself is just a
fool’s bargain whereby rule over all people is in reality exercised by
the few rulers and their controlling special interest groups, it is
they who claim to own everyone and dispose of everyone else’s minds
and bodies as suits their preferences. That’s the great lie of
communism that seeks to overturn the old world master-slave
relationship with a new communal ownership that in the end returns to
the same master-slave relationship, only with a new set of masters.

No one can represent your rights, rights are by definition an
intrinsic part of the human person, the idea of representative
government deciding what rights people should and shouldn’t have is
idiotic. The fools who accept such a concept deserve the kind of
government they get, but they can’t be allowed to perpetrate their
ignorance on other people.

Legitimate government is an organization of individual sovereigns and
is mutually exclusive of the presumed sovereignty of the state which
is completely counterfeit. Any government that exists is a creation
of individuals who have an opinion on how life’s activities should be
organized, the opinion of a large majority is no more superior to the
opinion of one individual; they are both equal in that they are both
merely opinions. The only opinion that counts is the choice that the
individual makes in the exercise of one’s rights, of which one must be
held completely accountable. The purpose of a free government is to
protect individual rights by people joining together by voluntary
consent; whereby each person is a self-governing entity who organizes
one’s activities with other people through a government of consensual
contracts. These contracts are the law that regulates the
interactions among the consenting members and enforces the terms to
which they have agreed. People who belong to different governments
must respect the sovereignties of other persons to different
governments. These governments must keep their jurisdiction strictly
to the individuals who choose to belong to them, and as individuals
must govern their own interactions, the people’s governments must
govern their interactions and disputes through treaties which assign
ways of settling those disputes. People who choose to live as
independent sovereigns must be respected in their rights and presumed
to be innocent and responsible in governing one’s self. They must
respect other’s governments and only if that person should trespass on
the rights of others would government powers be used to defend
innocent people from those transgressions. Among free and responsible
governments, there is no major conflict between political systems, all
legitimate governments which operate justly, do so to defend
individual freedom from the trespasses of others. So that if someone
should form a government that regularly violates anyone’s rights, the
other governments can join together to defend those innocent persons
and liberate them from that tyranny which will allow them to choose
their own government. It is imperative that individuals have
political self determination, because it is precisely the reason why
that individuals who are free to choose the kind of government under
which they will live, will always choose a government that respects
individual freedom.

Sovereigns are free agents who must choose their own government,
nationality, associations, career and way of life to suit their own
values; if no suitable institutions exist, you may create your own.
The form of government a person chooses is not so important as the
sovereign right to make that choice; it’s the respect for the freedom
of an individual to arrange one’s life, activities and interactions
with others according to one’s choice; that is supreme. To govern is
to control and direct the actions and behavior of something.
Political laws are the opinions of people enforced through an entity
who’s jurisdiction comes from the power the collective group of
individuals. Natural or universal law is quite another matter; one in
which each individual is free to govern one’s self and behavior as
long as one doesn’t infringe on the equal right of others to do the
same and the only just use of force is as a purely defensive action to
protect one’s self against the transgressions of others. As far as
any other laws go; people may make other laws to govern that over
which they have jurisdiction; since, in the end, an individual only
has jurisdiction over one’s own life, then the individual is the only
authority that can enact institutional law to govern that of which the
individual has control; specifically a person’s own property,
business, and associations that other people have volunteered to join.
The interpretation and governance of those laws can only be realized
and maintained by each sovereign individual, for who can in actuality
govern you, but you yourself. Governance with other sovereigns must
be accomplished through mutual contractual and treaty agreements.
Sovereign individuals must govern themselves by the authority of
self-ownership, that is, every human being, simply by being human, has
moral jurisdiction over one’s own mind, body and associations. This
jurisdiction, which is called individual sovereignty, is inviolable.
It is beneath personal dignity to beg for those rights which belong
inherently to oneself. I will not beg to some tyrannical bastards to
give me what they don’t have and aren’t capable of giving me, I will
not precipitate in a corrupt political system where I have to beg for
my rights or bribe corrupt politicians into giving me what I already
have. I will use whatever power and resources I have to defend all of
my rights completely, rights which are already mine and I will work to
create a world where I can exercise my rights more fully, and I will
do the same equally for all other people. To do unto others as I
would have them do unto me means that I will serve and support the
same equal rights for all other people to be free to exercise their
rights in their own way, this right is equal for everyone, though
people will choose to define and exercise their rights in different
ways just as I demand to exercise my own rights as I choose. I will
strive to create a world of equal opportunity so that all people may
exercise their freedom and rights fully and to their own satisfaction
defined in their own way and according to their own values which are
unique to each person equally respecting everyone’s right to their own
individual choices. Of course, the right to exercise one’s rights
depends on respecting other people’s rights and allowing them their
ability to exercise them. When someone violates the right of others
to exercise their rights then people through government must restrict
the guilty person’s exercise of rights only to the extent that is
necessary to protect the rights of others. But as people have the
inherent right to exercise one’s rights and are considered innocent
until proved guilty in a court of law, the right to fully exercise
one’s rights without restriction must always be respected, because
having rights means being able to exercise them. When people have
unlimited choices and unrestricted opportunity to exercise their
rights it means that they must implement self-government and take full
responsibility for their actions and be prepared to accept full
accountability for those actions.

Sovereignty means subject to no one.

Natural law is immutable, it never changes, it is based on individual
sovereignty and is therefor inviolable, it has always been true, those
natural rights come from simply being alive and being able to fully
control one’s decisions and actions. Since the creation of life
itself, all living things have been responsible for themselves, they
are what they are, this is the self-evident truth. Because humans are
rational beings with the free will to make independent decisions for
themselves and take responsibility for those choices, humans are self
governing sovereigns. Only among the Homo Sapiens species do
individuals organize political states to control nature and by doing
so pervert its understanding. Natural law has always been the same
and always will be the same, however, the political states are always
changing their definition of rights and their laws. The fact that
people interpret nature and law differently doesn’t change the
underlying truth, people may perceive the truth differently and
because that perception changes, doesn’t change the nature of the
truth. Each person must first secure one’s rights unto oneself and
exercise one’s freedom to fulfill one’s own dreams. Only by taking
total control of one’s own life can one hope to live as a free
sovereign who is solely responsible for one’s own life. And only by
realizing this can a person be responsible to others by not being a
burden on them or putting demands on others. Only by living in this
way can one learn to fully respect the freedom and rights of others
and not seek to take away or interfere in how others choose to
exercise their rights.

Individual sovereignty is above and independent of any fixed

The state is by definition incapable of extending itself politically
beyond its own borders, while the sovereign person is capable of
extending one’s experience to an unlimited degree. Each person is
free to be anything one wants, while the state is limited to what its
masters can control, a person can create whole new governments and
found new nations and invent new technologies, while the state can
never be anything more than just a mindless, soulless institution
dependent on the labors of its slaves. The sovereign individual then
enjoys infinite possibilities.

No one can give you your freedom or your rights. For, who can
exercise your rights for you? What entity can govern your behavior
but your own conscience? Who can realize your dreams but yourself?
Each Individual is absolutely and solely responsible for one’s own
thoughts and actions regarding one’s personal welfare and one’s
relations with others.

Individual sovereignty is not a license for all individuals to do
anything they want, it is not moral relativism and it is not anarchy
where each individual decides subjectively which rights of other
people one will respect and which laws one will obey and which will be
ignored, individual sovereignty is universal sovereignty of the
individual to live freely and not infringe upon the right of other
individuals to enjoy the same freedom, that is the law, that is what
is enforced and that is what all individuals are obligated to respect.
Individual sovereignty is the basis from which all rights are derived
and upon which all legitimate government is founded and it is the only
way that a truly good and just society may emerge.
– Gregory Flanagan


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