Phoebe on Gay Marriage

First let’s start with the history of the marriage license.  The marriage license didn’t come about until after the civil war, it was instituted to keep whites from marrying outside their race.  Marriage licenses are controlled by the States, although, Federal Govt has some control over it under the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the US Constitution.  Heterosexual marriages are recognized throughout the States regardless of the State that you were married in but since the State controls the license then it’s up to the States to decided who can marry.  Government decided they had the authority to issue marriage licenses and in doing so have the authority to regulate.

Phoebe’s take on this is, there should be no license requirement, that all marriages are sanctioned by God, not the State.  The only reason people get married are for the Government benefits.  Now you will hear people say, “oh, I love he/she and I want to spend the rest of my life with he/she so therefore I must get married”.  Wait a doggone minute, don’t you love he/she without the license?  Can’t you spend the rest of your life with he/she without government permission?  The answer to both of those questions is obviously yes but you won’t be able to take advantage of government benefits if you don’t abide by their rules.  No social security benefit from the disabled, deceased partner, no income tax deductions etc, there are actually about 1400 benefits to being “legally” married, most of which are financially based.

When you talk to gay people on why they want to get married, the top reason is “I love this person”, like I said before, you can love this person without a license.  The second reason always being, government benefits, provide your own benefits and you wont’ have to worry about getting married.  And the third reason is, “I can’t make decisions for my partner”, get a power of attorney and you can, without a license.

Whether you’re gay or straight you can have a long lasting loving relationship with someone without government permission, you just have to be creative and take responsibility for yourself instead of wanting to rely on government benefits.   You pay the government to get married and you pay the lawyers to get out of it, some system we have.  Power of Attorney, wills and legal agreements are all you need, you don’t need no stinkin’ license.

I firmly believe that God intended for marriage to be between a consenting adult male and female.  I don’t really care that gays want to be married, it’s not my business, just keep it out of my face.


4 comments on “Phoebe on Gay Marriage

  1. Yes, Curt, I have a marriage license and no I don’t receive govt benefits because of it except the privilege of filing a joint income tax return, we are quite able to survive without it, did it for many years. We actually pay income tax and any deduction we might have is only getting back money that the govt stole from us in the first place. And no, I’m not anywhere close to being one of the “1%”.

    Let me explain about the license, my Father in Law, who was the kindest, sweetest and most wonderful person I ever met, really wanted us to be married, old school and all that, out of respect for him we got married, it didn’t change anything for us but it made him happy. He’s no longer with us and I don’t regret having married for him.

    As for the video, I feel bad anytime someone loses someone they care about but other than that, the video only enforced what I’ve been saying, get a will. As for his inability to get medical information about Tom, when you go to the doctor you fill out a form, one of the questions on that form is, who do you want to have access to your medical information. It’s no one’s fault but your own if you don’t utilize the mechanisms that are out there to protect yourself and your partner.

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