South Carolina voters disenfranchised yesterday

The Republican Primary was cancelled in my county yesterday and over 200 candidates statewide were disqualified on a technicality. 


Jake Knotts & The Corrupt Power of Incumbency

Jake Knotts is playing the arrogance game.  Knotts just can’t leave well enough alone.  He has to gloat.  Seizing upon a technical error made by his opponent, Katrina Shealy, wherein she filled out an electronic form but did not also turn in a paper form (not provided) for the “Statement of Economic Interests”, Knotts was recently quoted in the Lexington Chronicle saying: “If you don’t understand how the system works, you can never work the system for the benefit of your constituents.”

Spoken like a true bully and thug.  No, Jake.  People don’t want a gangster politician who knows how to “work the system.”  They know the system is corrupt.  The system as crafted by you and your fellow crooks in the general assembly in this case insures that you get two extra weeks to fill out a form and are only fined $100.00 if you don’t make it in time.  Challengers to current officeholders have to meet a deadline two weeks earlier and if they don’t do it in time, they’re off the ballot!  The SC Constitution has something that’s called “equal protection under the law.”  You and your fellow crooks violated it big time with the “Statement of Economic Interests” law.


The law states that this has to be done by a certain deadline or the individual candidate must be disqualified.  It looks as though a couple of Jake Knotts’ Democrat buddies in Lexington County have filed suit to make sure Katrina Shealy is disqualified as a result of this law.  The law conveniently exempts incumbents like Jake Knotts.  According to the summary of yesterday’s hearing on the matter, ‘One of the justices jokingly suggested this law should have been coined “the incumbent candidates private relief bill.”’


Read the complete article at 

Voter turnout was incredibly low as there were few Republicans to vote for.  U.S. Rep Joe Wilson did have a challenger and soundly defeated him, other than that, there is no news for Republicans in South Carolina. 

We, DH and I did go to the polling place, not to vote but to sign petitions for the various candidates, they have to have 2500 signatures by the middle of July, we signed all 4 petitions that were there even though we will only vote for one of them.  So even though they can’t be on the ballot for the primary they can be on the ballot for the General in November, if they get 2500 signatures.

Some of the local candidates, in this case 4 of them, decided to band together to collect signatures, some candidates refused which tells me they are only out for themselves, hoping they won’t have any challengers.  Unlike, those who chose not to work together, believe that every candidate has the right to be on the ballot, that might alter my decisions come the General Election.

Back to Jakie Knotts, he is the same Rino who made sure that the new gun bill passed by the House would never make it to the floor of the Senate.  That bill was to allow concealed weapon permit holders to carry into restaurants that serve alcohol as long as they didn’t consume or sit at the bar.  He felt, as a former law enforcement agent, that people waiting trial and other undesirables would carry.  Newflash asshole!!  Those people don’t have permits anyway and could care less about any laws, they will carry where they want anytime they want, this is a classic case of criminals can have guns but law abiding citizens can’t, this is classic liberal thinking. 

I certainly hope that Katrina Shealy gets on the General ballot because I think she will kick his sorry ass to the curb. 



7 comments on “South Carolina voters disenfranchised yesterday

  1. Was just watching ‘Gladiator’ last night with Mrs. TurnRight (we’re good for at least 1 viewing/year), and as they talked about how corrupt the Roman system had become, I recalled all of my history lessons in school, and then thought about our situation here, today.

    The only chance we have to move the country in the right direction again is Conservatives and the TEA Party candidates, which means tossing out the old RINOs and replacing them. We did it in 2010, we just proved it wasn’t a fluke in Wisconsin, and we can do it again.

    Oh, and it’s good to see you back up. Did the bugs get worked out?

  2. You can remember your history lessons in school, I’m impressed!! 😀

    I’m not a big TEA Party fan, I think a lot of their views are skewed but what do I know, I’m just one of those right wing extremists.

    No, the bugs aren’t worked out, I posted this with the new system, they’re still trying to figure out the problem with the old system.

  3. I can only speak for my little corner of the world, but the local TEA party folks are, to a person, they type that I was raised around in my hometown, and would probably fix me supper if I walked past their house.

    When you say “old” system, what are ya’ referring to? I’m a bit confused…

  4. Heck, I can’t even get my neighbors to wave to me let alone cook me dinner. lol

    The old system is the one that was originally available when I joined WP and then they added another one that is a pain to use.

    They have now fixed my old system so whoopie for me, don’t have to remain silent anymore or have my blood pressure rise.

    • I may not be hip to the “old” system. I use the one from the dashboard, not the wordpress main page. The mainpage one doesn’t seem to have all of the options for importing pictures, etc.,.. and the Dashboard does.

      And seriously, the TEA Partiers are salt-of-the-Earth types, by and large. Reminds me the folks that put on pancake breakfasts after church every Sunday: flag-waving, bible-clinging, country-loving guys and gals….

      And seriously, if you even LOOKED hungry, they’d feed ya (….and not in the “fatten you up / Hansel-&-Gretel” way, either).

  5. Looking hungry is definitely not one of my problems, zombies would like me.

    The old system for me is the dashboard one, I call the main page one the new one. Glad you explained it better than I could. It was the dashboard one that had the problems.

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