Stupid Stupid Yahoo!!!!!!

Let me preface this by saying I only have 4 different passwords that I use for all my accounts and websites.

Two days ago I was locked out of my Yahoo email because my password wasn’t correct so I tried the other three, seems 4th time was the charm that locked me out for 24 hours.  Yesterday I tried to access it again, went thru the secret questions and none of the answers matched the first secret question so I was locked out again for 12 hours.  Let this be a lesson to all, write down the answers to your secret questions somewhere because after 15 years you might forget them or forget what lie you told.  My passwords I have written down to each account so I knew I had the right email password.  Also keep your alternate email address current because, I mean seriously, does anyone even use AOL anymore?  Do they even still exist???

Anyway, all my attempts to retrieve my password failed, even their help center which was no help at all told me to sign in for other options.  WTF??? SIGN IN FOR OTHER OPTIONS????? If I could sign in I wouldn’t need OTHER OPTIONS.   There is absolutely no way that I have found to contact their non existent customer service.

Today I took the chance to sign in again, guess what, they accepted the same password I’ve been trying to use for 3 days and what do you think I found in my email, an email from them of course.  Now if I couldn’t sign in wouldn’t it stand to reason that I couldn’t read that email?????  Here’s what the email said……
Dear Valued Customer,
In the last few days, our security Team observed multiple logons to your account, from Different Blacklisted I.P addresses, therefore we are Issuing this security warning. To prevent further unauthorized access for your safety, we have decided to put an extra verification process to ensure your account security.

To ensure that your account information remains accurate and secure, we will notify you whenever this information changes.

Please click on the link below to activate and secure your account. This System Maintenance is for your safety and protect your account against unknown users.We work hard to safeguard your account and personal information. That’s why from time to time we may ask you to verify your identity online. This verification process will only take a few seconds.
Click Here To Update And Secure Your Account

Yahoo Account Service
Because your reply will not be transmitted via secure e-mail, the e-mail address that generated this alert will not accept replies. If you would like to contact Us with questions or comments, Please visit the customer service section.

IS IT JUST ME????????????????????


6 comments on “Stupid Stupid Yahoo!!!!!!

  1. To quote a certain former prez: I feel yer pain, Phoebe.

    As I was saying the other day: customer service is used to indicate irony ONLY nowadays.

    And yes, that has happened to me, which is why I now have ALL my security passwords & questons in a hackproof place, …..just in case.

    And, FYI: …AT&T can be even worse.

  2. I have so many that I finally wrote them all in a little notebook (in code). If something were to happen to me there are many accounts my hubby wouldn’t be able to access cause I do so much of the bill paying.

  3. So mind-bogglingly stupid, you couldn’t improve on it for a comedy routine…which makes it decidedly unfunny to live through. Sorry, Phoebe.

  4. yes! they are stupid. I also had login problems and end up making a gmail account. their online support is worst than you imagine.

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