Connors Lake Loons Anchorage Alaska Gallery 3

UPDATE:  Both chicks alive and well!!!

This afternoon there were the sounds of possibly distressed Loons and for a couple of hours after the parents were floating alone with no chicks in sight.  Finally one chick was spotted staying very close to the parent, at the time of this posting the 2nd chick has yet to be seen.  As usual, when viewers aren’t privy to views of the birds there is always some pessimism and hysterics and this case was no different, people get so involved with these birds that they panic if they can’t see them. It’s always best to wait and hope for the best, not to panic until necessary.  We don’t know what happened to the 2nd chick yet and may never know for sure.

Here are the lastest pics I have of the chick/chicks.  One of them is by themselves at the nest, don’t know which one, it was before anything happened.  The others are the parents with the one chick.  As always, make sure you click to enlarge.


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