Connors Lake Pacific Loons Anchorage Alaska Family Photo

Bit of drama in the past couple of days for these loons, #1 chick has an injured leg that rescuers determined to be useless and probably will not heal but the chick is doing well otherwise, swimming and fishing with the family.  The chick could not get up on the nest to rest and had no help from the parents but today the sibling chick stayed in the water close to #1’s side and seemed to be pushing him/her back towards the nest when he/she floated too far out, trying very much to be helpful to his/her injured sibling.  In watching this loon family and others, the one thing I’ve noticed is the mother seems to be good for nothing except laying the eggs and providing an umbrella when asked, it appears the father does most of the nurturing and feeding.   Wishing the very best for this chick.

UPDATE:  The injured chick who the commentors affectionately named Lilly has not been seen since the day of this posting, presumed deceased at this time.  Webcam has been shut down so we may never know what happened to little Lilly.  This may well be the last family portrait of this beautiful loon family and one of the very last of Lilly.


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