Praise the Lord!!! Funding reinstated for Sea Grant Consortium

Someone help me out, what the hell is the Sea Grant Consortium and why should I have to pay for it?

Recently Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina vetoed certain budget items that had been approved by the legislature, among them are …..

$10 million allocated to school districts to help boost teachers’ salaries.

money for a North Myrtle Beach museum

preserving African-American history sites in Charleston

preserving the nation’s first community of freed slaves in Beaufort County.

But that’s  not what burns my ass, what does burn it is this….  

House votes to override governor’s arts funding veto


The South Carolina House has voted overwhelmingly to override Gov. Nikki Haley’s vetoes that wiped out the state Arts Commission.

The 110-5 vote on Tuesday would restore $1.9 million for the agency’s operations. It was the first vote of the day. A later vote of 89-25 restores $500,000 for the commission’s grant money.

The other agency eliminated by Haley’s vetoes was the Sea Grant Consortium. The House voted 102-10 to restore that agency’s $428,000.

The arts should not be funded with public money it should be funded by private money, that includes both State and Federal levels. – Phoebe


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