Just kick me

A friend remarked today that, the way you live your life today is how you will be judged in the afterlife, well….I’m apparently living my afterlife which means I must have been a real bitch in my former life because I am being judged harshly.

I have made it my mission to announce to the world, or at least the part of the world that views my posts, of the injustices, stupidity, fraud and overall bullshit, I did it previously with Toshiba now I have another one or two to go after.

The first one is AT&T, they sent out notifications about their new U-verse internet, I called and was told that I DID NOT have to convert.  Guess what??? They shut off my internet this morning because I didn’t convert, called them and was forced to go with their new internet.  The good news is, the lady spoke english, had an American accent and got me reconnected to the internet until such time, Saturday, that a tech can come out and change it over for me.   So..I thought well, that wasn’t so bad, this day may still be salvaged, boy was I wrong.

On to Ancestry.com.  I cancelled my subscription back in June, they told me they couldn’t stop it until my billing cycle was over on July 15 and to continue to enjoy it since I already paid for it.  Checked my bank balance online today, I have 2 overdraft charges because….ANCESTRY.COM TOOK OUT ANOTHER MONTH PAYMENT.  I only keep enough money in the bank for my bills and a few dollars extra so there wasn’t enough money to cover the charge which caused my two legitimate payments to bounce.  I called them and they went ahead and cancelled it for me ….TODAY!!!  Mighty white of her, oh wait wrong platitude, she wasn’t white she was a foreigner with the accent we have all come to know and love.   She, Kuda, said they would refund my money but won’t cover my overdrafts.

I don’t have any confirmation of the original cancellation because my daughter doesn’t read emails before she deletes them.  To explain, the account was in her name for a free 2 week trial, after the trial ended I took over and made the payments.



4 comments on “Just kick me

  1. Head down to your bank and ask them to reverse the charges. They’ll probably do it.

    As to the rest? I have only one automatic payment (gym.) I won’t allow people that kind of access to my bank account for the very reason of what happened to you (plus I’m an idiot and wouldn’t remember who was taking what amount.

    • I don’t normally allow automatic payments either but Ancestry and Netflix don’t allow you any other option.

      Mike will deal with the bank tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes. He handles people much better than I do, he has class. lol

  2. Good luck with the overdrafts, Phoebes.
    I’ve had it go both ways in those situations: sometimes they relent, sometimes they dig in their heels.

    But, of course, IF they dig in their heels, there is a bank that wants your money a couple doors down.
    Sometimes they need to be reminded of that little fact.

    Again, good luck (to Mr. G, from what I gather…).

    • Mr. G got the bank to cut the charges in half, wouldn’t lose the whole amount because it wasn’t bank error, better than nothing I guess but I’m still out $35 on those charges.

      He did contest the Ancestry charge, she made a note of it but didn’t say whether they would give us our money back, still waiting for Ancestry to once again live up to their end of refunding, which they haven’t yet. The bank lady also advised I change my card.

      They (Ancestry) also didn’t send me a confirmation of refunding just a confirmation of cancellation, so I have to call them again Monday and raise some hell, not that it’ll get me very far.

      As far as threatening the bank, won’t bother them any since we don’t keep money in the bank anyway. I’m strictly a cash person unless I have to use the card then I only put enough in the bank to cover the charges, legitimate charges anyway.

      I am, the very least out $35 and possibly another $35 on the Ancestry charge, I’m highly aggravated but it could be worse. The problem is, these companies know that it’ll cost you more to fight them than what you lost in the first place. And thanks to my daughter I don’t even have proof.

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