I sold a beer to the Pope

Not quite but there was a time I could sell a beer to the Pope, not now, well maybe can still sell him a beer but nobody is buying anything else.  For several years I made a pretty good living selling on Ebay, selling trash to treasures including my infamous bowl with a hole, an old wooden dough bowl with a big hole in the bottom brought me a staggering $50. I made over a thousand on reel to reel music that I bought for pennies, serger thread that also costs me pennies brought me over a thousand, you get my drift.

Today is a different story, took items to the local auction, was disappointing to almost the point of tears, collector Barbies that a couple of years ago would have fetched big bucks sold for $7.50, baseball cards complete sets $7.50, an electric stove used for 4 months, $15, a solid maple bed $15, our largest sale today was a vintage clock that didn’t work brought in $35 and a broken down modern hutch brought in $35.   Fortunately I still have enough Barbies to give to my granddaughters and baseball cards to my grandson.


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