I used to be so sweet

Going thru my sent email looking for a particular email when I came across this.  Daymnnnnnnnnnnnnn and I thought I was a sweet person.  From 2010

Sen. Graham,

Please remove me from your spam list.  You are nothing more than an illegal Mexican kiss ass traitorous piece of shit and even though I voted for you in the past, I’d rather vote for Alvin Green’s bobble head doll than you in the future.  You had better make the rest of your term good because you’ll never win another election in South Carolina.

An American Patriot who’s fed up with you and your treasonous bastard commie colleagues.



10 comments on “I used to be so sweet

  1. Your letter seems entirely appropriate to me, Phoebes. Possibly too nice.
    You really should try expressing yourself more freely, and not be so vague in your wording.

    I have one positive memory of Lindsey Graham, which was a few years back when he verbally decimated Eric Holder during the hearings over where to try KSM.
    That said, ….that may be my ONLY good memory of Graham.

    Don’t you guys have ANY conservatives that can run for the Senate down there?

    • I know, I have trouble vocalizing, I’m just too darn shy.

      Yes, we have oodles of conservatives, we have Jim DeMint, Trey Gowdy who was the voice of the speech heard round the world, Jeff Duncan and Tim Scott, the latter 3 being Representatives, the four make up for having Graham and Jim Clyburn.

      The bobble head doll was in reference to a black candidate, Al Green, who was under indictment for sexual assault, that ran against DeMint, he thinks so much of himself that he decided people would actually want a bobble head of him. The guy himself is a bobble head.

      • AHHH! I love DeMint, but I always forget he’s from SC. Well, one out of two isn’t too bad, although I’d guess they end up cancelling each other out on occasion.

        Doesn’t anyone have incriminating pictures of Graham with various barnyard animals? Just a suggestion….

  2. Hey, Phoebes,
    Have a question for you and the hubby:

    You know those “awards” that float around in WordPress: the “super-duper blog award” and such? One blogger nominates you, then you have to post the award somewhere on your main page and nominate X # of other blogs. Have you guys had any dealings with these things? GBL and I got nominated for a couple of ’em and we have some …well, doubts.

    On one hand, it’s nice and all (the blogger that nominated us is great), but the “nominate X # of other blogs” reminds me of a chain letter. I see it on quite a few blogs here in WP, but not so much in the political ones. I see them more in the cooking/religious/other types.

    Just wanted to get your opinions on it. If we decide to accept it, rather than simply ignore it, we’d be nominating both of you…..

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