Headlines that make you go, HUH?


The first one is….
Ala. man fights to keep wife buried in front yard

Apparently she doesn’t like being buried. “Stay down there bitch.”


   Texas woman suing Dallas Cowboys over ‘burned buttocks’

Okay, here’s the gist, she sits on a marble bench outside the Dallas Cowboys stadium and says it burned her ass so bad she had 3rd degree burns and had to have skin grafts.  Is it just me or this really an asinine law suit?  Even Wile E. Coyote knows enough to jump up when his ass is on fire.  Now she’s just going to be the butt of everyone’s jokes.  


Wounded war veteran receives new home from nonprofit, Kid Rock

Nowhere in the article does it say that Kid Rock contributed anything but a suggestion.  

“Kid Rock met the nonprofit’s founder at a past event and suggested he provide homes for injured troops from Michigan.”

“The construction costs of the Dumars’ new home, to be built in Macomb, will be donated by Pulte Homes.”

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