Virginia and Rhode Island Delegates blocked from entering GOP Convention

at least this is what this guy says.  I don’t have facebook so you can check for yourself to see what else he’s saying, please share here what you find.  – Phoebe

Christopher Stearns
21 August near Tampa, FL

After two days of serious debate, the Republican National Convention’s Platform Committee adjourned today with a completed document.

Key liberty-minded issues that were substantively and successfully addressed were:
– Sound, transparent monetary policy
– Affirmation on Constitutional war powers
– Call for a new gold commission
– Internet freedom
– TSA reform
– Call for national Right-to-Work law

Despite the healthy debate and discussion, our efforts to put substantive language in the platform to condemn practices of indefinite detention of American citizens ultimately failed.

Additionally, watered-down items of other various topics were represented, but not exactly glorified. I’ll discuss this in more detail later on…

While this is obviously not something Dr. Paul would support in its entirety, it’s an extremely significant step in the right direction for my libertarian and Constitutional conservative colleagues in the Republican Party.

I extend my thanks to the Delegates from Virginia who elected me to serve on the Platform Committee. It was an honor to make a contribution to our national document and I certainly hope that you find it to be more friendly to our movement.

Keep the faith in the cause of liberty – and let’s try it again in four years.

Christopher Stearns

22 August

For Republican National Committee events and meetings, I’m honored to carry the proxy for the Republican Party of Virginia’s Chairman, Pat Mullins. I’m looking forward to continuing to represent our Commonwealth here in Tampa!

Christopher Stearns

23 August near Tampa, FL via Mobile

The Republican National Committee just voted down my amendment to the Contest Committee to have Mainers choose their own delegates.

Christopher Stearns shared a link.

24 August

If we can change the many Republican State Central Committees throughout the country, we can change the Republican National Committee and get rid of this nonsense.

Christopher Stearns

54 minutes ago near Tampa, FL via Mobile

The Virginia and Rhode Island delegations are apparently being blocked from entering the Republican National Convention. They’re keeping us all on a bus and not allowing us in the security perimeter.


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