Surprise, Surprise, Surprise…..Fizzle


The big question is, who is the surprise speaker at the convention tonight, my guess is ….wait for it……Joe Biden, so that’s why he was heading to Tampa.  Okay so maybe not Biden but I can’t imagine that Clint Eastwood would be a surprise and I can’t help but wonder what Trump meant when he said there would be a surprise at the convention, I can’t imagine him being in the loop and being privy to any information.  The only person that would surprise me would be a high ranking Democratic turncoat.  Just a short while until we find out and I’m pretty sure I won’t have a “WOW, I could have had a V-8” moment.

Now to my original thought that led me to this post.  Whatever happened to that BIG surprise that Breitbart was supposed to produce?  It was supposed to come out “soon” but I’ve never heard anything since, has those he left behind in charge wimped out or was there never anything to be surprised about?