The Convention that keeps on giving

The Convention That Keeps on Giving

Illegal Alien speaks

New York delegate threatens to kill Romney on video tape

Fact Check:  Most all speakers spoke lies including Clinton, Biden and Obama

Floor fight over putting God back on their platform

God has become a amendment

Democrats don’t know where Obama stands on Jerusulum

Steelworker featured at DNC never worked for Bain

Florida DNC boss:  Christians want Jews slaughtered

David Axelrod threatens Gallop because they put Romney leading Obama

Obama speech moved inside venue which only accomodates a third of what was originally supposed to be bussed in for the event

Honey Boo Boo tied Bill Clinton for viewers, a total of 2.4 million people.  As a side note, that could explain what’s wrong with this country.

Obama touts that he saved Detroit but Michael Moore begs to differ, says that he saved GM but not Detroit.  My personal opinion is, Obama should not lay claim to Detroit, although it was his sons who destroyed it.- Phoebe


3 comments on “The Convention that keeps on giving

  1. Be of good cheer, Phoebes.

    The Dems are in hot water right now, and they don’t even know it. They are comforting themselves with happy coverage and skewed polls.
    Watch this shake out in the next two weeks.

    This was coming for a while now: the MSM has been waiting to give SOME sort of reason why King Obama was a Teflon-coated, political juggernaut which can’t.

    But, they haven’t had any CONCRETE good news to point to (what with everything being knee-deep in ‘suck’ for 3 years), so they had to wait for the Convention in order to point to subjective items like, “The Dems are so excited” and “Did he smile at me? I think he smiled at me!!”.

    They really do make me physically ill sometimes.

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