Let Us Forget

No, it wasn’t a typo on “let us not forget” about 9-11.    Am I the only one who thinks this bullshit hullabaloo that comes around every Sept. 11 is incredibly annoying?  It’s not that we didn’t care what happened, we did at the time but it is has been rammed down our throats so much over the last 10 years by the media and govt that we are desensitized to it.

We put our lives at risk every day when we walk out the door, in this case they took a chance by going to work, to a place that has always been a target and now everyone thinks we should spend the rest of our lives distraught over it.  I do have compassion for the first responders that were injured or killed and at one time had compassion for the families but it became apparent rather quickly that it was all about the money, who could get the biggest settlement, how they could make the taxpayers carry the burden forever for a risk that their family members took going to work.  Would there have been the same reaction if a bus that was carrying those workers drove off the George Washington Bridge and killed all aboard?

Despise me if you choose but we’re still paying for this after all these years,  not only monetarily but with loss of our personal freedoms.  Think about the end result of this, Patriot Act I and II and the TSA, still feeling bad about it?  I say enough is enough, if you wake up every day, don’t be surprised when bad shit happens and don’t expect other people to spend their lives mourning you.
And that’s all I have to say about that!!


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