South Carolina on “most miserable states” list

Having lived in SC for the past 20 years I have to totally agree with this assessment except Alabama should be number one.  I lived in Alabama for 6 months years ago and twice shortly after I left I encountered people who had also lived in Alabama, when they asked me why I had left my response was, “it took me that long to get enough money to leave”, they replied that was why they stayed there that long too.  I actually never did get enough money to leave so I left the majority of my belongings and hitchhiked out of there. 

South Carolina isn’t a bad place to live as long as you don’t associate with the locals, they’re lazy, uneducated and rude, no southern hospitality here.  They can’t seem to get that, if it weren’t for northerners and foreign companies they would have no economy whatsoever, that they would still be living in the dark ages.   The air quality is so bad that I developed asthma almost immediately on arrival.   I guess on reflection there is really nothing good about living in SC except the mild weather.


The Bloomberg network says South Carolina is the fourth most miserable state in the United States, according to a list of aggregated statistics.

Using the “misery index”, a method of measuring the level of happiness or sadness in a state, combined with 13 other measurements such as income inequality, air pollution, lack of health insurance and underemployment, the network says the top five states are all in the South.

Coming in at number one is Mississippi, which the network says has an income per capita of $31,000 — less than the national average of $39,000.

Alabama comes in at number two because of high income inequality. Number three is Louisiana, and of course, our beloved Palmetto State is number four. Filling out this dubious top five is Arkansas.


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