Conspiracy Theory #78,423


We’ve all discussed how we wouldn’t be surprised if Obama staged an event to postpone the election, give some thought to this, is it possible that the guy who made The Video works for Obama and knew that this video would upset the Muslim world and therefore provoking an event, he purportedly has a long history with the Feds?


28 comments on “Conspiracy Theory #78,423

  1. Really? To me it seems that it’s Romney who’s behind in the election (per the electoral college count); Romney who needs to prove his foreign policy credentials after a botched european tour this summer; Romney who has recently switched to attacking Obama’s foreign policy credentials; Romney who broke the non-negative campaign on 9-11 early to prematurely attack Obama on the embassy killings without real thought to the context of that which he was criticizing; Romney who gains if the geopolitical situation is unstable, not Obama; Romney who based his campaign on how bad the other guy is rather than how good his plan is (which to be fair is also Obama’s tactic).

    Look, if the global and economic situation stays the same, remains calm, or grows – Obama benefits; if the opposite is true, then the electorate boot him out and choose Romney by default. That’s how Romney’s been running his campaign since the primaries.

    Your conspiracy theory doesn’t make sense. It assumes that Obama is more concerned about losing the election than he reasonably should be. Now if his electoral college math would have been different for the past 7 months, I’d let it slide. But the incumbent with a near constant lead over his challenger that his been pretty stable for the past few months want conditions to remain the same or improve. It’s Romney’s battle to win, and with all the vitriol from the Right and the state of the economy, you would think he would be doing much better. All Obama has to do is maintain status as it is, ameliorate conditions for his base, and kick Romney’s ass during the debates (which shouldn’t be too difficult with Romney’s like-ability and relate-ability issues which he can’t seem to shake). To go this far would be a risk not worth taking for Obama.

    But it might be worth-while for Romney…

      • Ridiculous if you think Obama’s reelection campaign’s best or only option is to postpone the election. Again, the campaign rests on the electoral college and Obama’s ahead thanks to the Democratic strongholds. I don’t care whose map you look at, Obama’s ahead. Things could change before the election, but that’s all speculative. The state of things now says that Romney has a more difficult path to the presidency than Obama does. Hence, Romney would have more to gain from stirring up foreign unrest to gain in the swing states than Obama would have to gain from trying to postpone the election via foreign unrest. Your ‘theory’ doesn’t make any sense.

  2. I love liberals.
    Guru’s whistling past the graveyard in their argument above (“Romney who broke the non-negative campaign…”; “Romney who needs to prove his foreign policy credentials…”, etc.,..), while they repeat the most transparent of the media’s distortions is rather funny.
    Please, keep thinking that, Guru. Heck, I’ll help: Obama is DEFINITELY winning, and is WILDLY popular.
    Really. He is. Honest.

    As far as your theory, Phoebes, even six months ago I’d have said “that’s crazy”.
    While I still don’t believe it is what happened, …I keep in mind that we just had 4 US citizens killed by a crazed, barbaric Islamic mob, which barely seemed to raise the pulse of our Prez.
    Creepy, and reason enough to doubt everything.

    Do I think it’s a conspiracy? Honestly, no. I think Obama is just an idiot.
    Could it be? Everything, and I mean EVERYthing, is now on the table.

    Scary times, my friend.

    • justturnright:

      Prove me wrong. Show me how Romney can win the electoral college. Obama wins Ohio and NH and loses all other toss-up states (FL, CO, NV, etc) and he still has more than 270 EV. Romney needs to win OH, VA, and FL to have a chance. Romney’s given up on Pennsylvania, and with New York, and California Obama’s in a pretty nice position right now. My opinion’s not based on blind optimism.

      Show me Romney’s foreign policy credentials, or Ryan’s for that matter. You think Romney’s European Vacation presented a good image of America? Was it a good sign when visiting to insult the Brits and have the political leaders of our closest ally make fun of you, let alone their media? But then, what would you know of foreign policy or governing groups? You seem to think throwing oil on the flames of a mob by insulting the mob’s religion is a good way to keep violence from escalating. Do you agree with the content of the video which sparked this violence in the first place?

      Obama doesn’t have to be wildly popular – just more popular than Romney. Keep being optimistic. National head-to-head polls don’t matter so much with the Electoral College. Remember Gore was more popular than Bush. I have not yet seen a poll indicating that if the election happened today, Obama would lose. Wanna find one for me? Caused I’d love to match every poll that says he’d lose with three that’ll say he’d win. Or are you one of those people that don’t believe facts, statistics and reasoning because they’re “elitist”? You seem to not believe the media either, so where are you getting your information from? Your circle of friends?

      Get back to me with an argument. I presented my case. You can laugh me off all you want, but your opinion is worthless, idiotic, and childish if you don’t defend it.

      • Guru,
        I do so love the liberal habit of hurling invective (“idiotic”? “childish”?) when their memes are challenged. However, having been raised in the highly liberal Northeast, I’m used to hearing name-calling from the professionally incensed Left.

        Remind me again: Who’s childish?

        As for your cut-and-paste job above:
        The majority of polls have been skewed heavily in favor of Dem registration, which is typical, up until about a week out from the actual election.
        It’s blatant: all you have to do is look.
        For example, the latest NYT/CBS poll has Obama +3 among likely voters 49-46%.
        BUT, check out the internals:
        Their turnout model is +6% Democrat.
        +6? Now? In 2012?
        By way of comparison, in 2008 the ACTUAL turnout was +7.6% Dem, and in 2010 it was +1.3% Republican.
        So I’ll ask: Do YOU think the Dem turnout will be +6% over Repubs this year? Why? With the economy stuck in neutral and +8% unemployment for over three years? And now with Obama’s foreign policy coming back to bite us all in the rear?

        If you do, that’s your prerogative….but it’s based on wishful thinking, not reality.

        As for your diatribe on foreign policy:
        The media has been spinning wildly to portray every item, no matter how trivial, as a gaffe for Romney, while completely excusing Obama for even his most egregious failings. That certainly was the case for Romney’s overseas trip. And last week we had the Media giving Obama a total pass for jetting off to Vegas following his somnambulist press conference on the Embassy attack.
        What would the press have done if that was Bush, Reagan, or any Republican president going to a fundraiser (in Vegas, no less!) following an international embarrassment of this level?
        The press would have gone ballistic, that’s what. And you know it.

        The very fact that you would ask the question, “Do you agree with the content of the video WHICH SPARKED THIS VIOLENCE in the first place?” tells me you buy into the implausible belief that a trailer for a video which virtually no one had yet seen (at the time) and which has been out for months, spontaneously caused an attack on our Embassy….on the anniversary of 9/11.
        Such a claim is so transparently false, it would make me laugh if it wasn’t concerning such a horrific event. The ability to discern fact from fiction comes in handy as you get older. Honest.

        Like I said, keep believing all of it:
        “Romney is at fault for World Unrest; Obama is the Great Healer.
        Obama can’t lose; Romney should just give up now and save himself the trouble.”
        After all, the NY Times and NBC both say it’s true, and why would they lie?

        I hope there are more Libs out there, just like you.

        Now, I have to go back to work to earn more money before the Fed can make my paycheck completely worthless with QE3.

        Have a great day…

      • justturnright:

        You come out of the gates with no substance, all insult, and then try to call me out for being childish? Then you go on the fill your responses with disrespect and condescension. I stand by my statement: any insults without any substantive argument are school-yard childish, idiotic for adults to engage in, and worthless as opinions. I even gave you the reason for my insulting language. So, since you asked, I confirm: you are childish.

        Do you not understand the concept of the electoral college? Because I’ve already addressed how unreliable those national polls are. I don’t care about the national polls with Obama leading or Romney leading by a few points. (Plus not all polls are biased for Obama – do you think Rasmussen is biased for Obama?) One should look at the electoral college maps, instead of relying on those national polls, as I said already. Rasmussen’s Electoral Map has Obama with 247 and Romney with 196 and 95 toss up EVs. This is mirrored across the board no matter who is reporting it. It is obvious that Romney has further to go than Obama, ignoring the polls and focusing on the electoral college.

        As far Romney’s European Vacation, I was talking about the British media there. I don’t care how the American media perceived the trip. He’s in England less than a week, and he has the mayor of London and the Prime Minister making fun of him. I agree, the media distort things all the times. But they can’t distort something like another country’s media reaction and the videotaped replies from British political leaders. Do I care that Romney bullied a kid in high school? No. Do I care that Romney strapped his dog to the roof of his car? No. Do I care that he’s not released more tax returns? No. Do I care that he ended up insulting our closest international ally in less than a week? You bet I do.If he can’t along with people who like us, how is he going to do with people who don’t like us?

        About the video: I said nothing about it being spontaneous. It’s trailer was posted to Youtube on 7/2. It was blogged about by an anti-islam blogger on 9/5. An arabic newspaper writes about the film on 9/9. Protests and attacks occur on 9/11. Not an absurd timeline for an attack to be planned. And even if pre-existing plans were in place, there’s little doubt that the wide-spread ongoing protests are caused and flamed on by the trailer. How many of the other terrorist/bombing attacks on Americans and American soldiers over the last few years have erupted into this kind of protest, or have we forgotten about them?

        You say I can’t discern truth from fiction, but all you do is put out ideas that agree with your “common sense”, peppered with insults to the left. In fact, you can’t help but brand me a liberal and dismiss me right off the bat. Frankly, I don’t care who wins this election. I’m an unaffiliated voter – I vote for who appears best and I’m still planning on writing in a candidate. Both O&R are mediocre candidates and nothing’s really going to change with the outcome of the election. But since I see the obvious (that Romney has far more work to do than Obama) you assume I must be for Obama. You’re the one with blinders on, stuck in the fake conservative vs. liberal dichotomy.

      • Nothing but insults. You throw out a baseless conspiracy theory and then insult any opposition. “I do so love the liberal habit of hurling invective (“idiotic”? “childish”?) when their memes are challenged.” That is exactly what you both are doing. Someone challenged your ‘meme’ and you begin to hurl insults. It’s as though you can’t even see your own hypocrisy. I did not just begin ‘hurling invectives’, I laid out my differing position and gave supporting arguments. I asked someone a series of question to help them out (since they seemed to have difficulty on their own). And then I called them out for giving a shallow reply and informed them just how childish and worthless replacing argument with insults is. But again, I’m starting to see just how little you all understand what it means to present an argument and to have a conversation with someone who may disagree with you. Have fun in your conservative circle-jerk. I have to write this blog off as yet another one where an actual discussion cannot happen. I haven’t seen an interesting discussion here in months. How disappointing. I really enjoyed the Trayvon posts.

      • justturnright: your post wasn’t long enough. You didn’t even mention the electoral college (you know, the system by which presidents are actually elected) which I asked about, nor did you offer one defense of Romney’s foreign policy credentials, which I asked for. Maybe if you spent more time replying to my actual questions and statements and developing a thesis and supporting arguments instead of partisan insults, you could have space in your posts to put substantive information.

    • I would’ve guessed you just didn’t have any facts or arguments to put forward. You are just randomly hypothesizing here without giving any kind of supportive evidence.

      • I’m not even asking for facts – just supportive evidence. I realize a CT when I see one, but most of them actually put together a series of loosely connected statements which lead up to the conspiracy.

    • Well, let’s try to do something about it. I definitely have liberal leaning philosophies. I’ll try to argue my side, you argue yours. That’s enjoyable in itself. It’s a shame that while allowing millions of people to connect together, the conversations deteriorate to partisan insults and name calling and lack all substance. We don’t have to be nice or polite, we just have to actually present arguments, rebut them, and put forth a different argument. I don’t mind being called a lib, or being insulted as long as afterwards (or before) there’s something of substance to reply to.

  3. I already told you I was bored with blogging but if you insist I’ll try to appease you. Be forewarned that I am an extremist and a conspiracy theorist.

    There has been conjecture over the past few elections, since Clinton and Y2K, that with each presidency it would be the last election we would see. I thought that Bush on his first term and with the so called “War On Terror” that it would be the last election, that he invented his “Operation Iraqi Freedom” to keep the world in turmoil so that he could not be removed, he could have declared a national emergency to stay in office. Well that didn’t pan out and he won, so much for that conspiracy theory.

    Obama is a whole different breed, has a severe narcissistic personality, much more so than Bush, I never thought that would be possible. He likes his fluff job, the partying, the golfing and the media just adores him, if he can’t talk his way out of his mistakes, the media does it for him and he’s not really that stupid, he’s smart enough to have handlers that know how to cover for him. He he has continued to enjoy the fruits of his position to the point of ignoring the real world crashing around him, but he doesn’t care because he believes his blackness will keep him in power. His handlers who made sure he got elected will also make sure he gets re-elected by whatever means necessary. He also knows that no one will hold him accountable for anything so he can do whatever he wants.

    Here’s what we know about the Embassy attack….

    The reports have it that he knew about the problems in Libya several days in advance but did nothing about it.

    Ambassador Rice, Obama’s spokesperson, continues to argue that it wasn’t premeditated.

    He continued to do his fundraisers all over the country in spite of the situation.

    He’s negotiating to release the blind sheik to Egypt to appease them.

    Now why would he release the sheik? Why is that even on the table?

    Why is the guy who purportedly made the video being question when Obama insists that it was free speech? Are they making sure he doesn’t talk and expose Obama as the one who set this event in motion?

    I know that Obama is not going to leave office quietly. It’s a close race and he’s putting anything and everything in it to make sure he doesn’t lose.

    I have no doubt that we will have 4 more years of Obama, but heaven help us, this country will see a civil war that makes the last one seem like a scrimmage.

  4. And one more thing again. Why did Obama help with the Bin Laden film, why is it coming out just before the election and if he believes that “The Video” was what inflamed the terrorist attackers of the Embassy, why does he think his film won’t do the same thing? He should stop release of that film.

  5. Guru,

    Good grief, dude: thin-skinned much? You continually blather that I’m hurling insults, when I plainly haven’t (unless you consider “liberal” a pejorative, of course), and then you proceed to ….call me more names.
    Your argument reads as one long version of “I know you are but what am I”?
    Using your term, I ask yet again: WHO is being “childish” here?

    Your response is what I have come to expect from your ilk, and why I tire of such discussions. An inability to disagree, without behaving like a love-scorned teenager, is what poisons our politics. You could be the poster-child.

    I’ll respond one last time, but then I have to work. I’m part of that income-tax-paying 53% that Romney was referencing, don’t ya know.

    I covered why I don’t believe that the movie trailer was the impetus for the Embassy attacks. This is objectively true. Even the Libyan President Mohammed el-Megarif thinks that’s case. The video was merely the PRETEXT for the attack. As has been pointed out repeatedly over the last couple of days, Bill Maher’s movie “Religulous” had a full 20 minutes ripping on Islam, and it certainly received a HECK of a lot more press and publicity than the YouTube video in question. Why wasn’t the Arab street engulfed in flames over THAT? Because the YouTube video wasn’t the cause; it was an excuse for an attack.

    When the entire crowd who is attacking our Embassy and killing our citizens is shouting “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama”, it stands to reason that there might be something more at work here than just one measly, unknown YouTube video.
    I know that the administration and their lackeys in the press keep saying that’s not the case. By all means, please, keep listening to them.

    You also keep harping on the Electoral College as something separate from polls.
    Question: Where do the numbers come from when determining the projected Electoral College results, pray tell? Yep, …POLLS.
    It’s not as if they are polling the potential Electoral College electors every couple of days, after all.
    So, the polls which I was referencing is not a missing the topic, it IS the topic.
    And the media is using poll results to drive the narrative, which they always, always do. Again, see my NY Times example above.

    This is hardly a new phenomenon.

    Lastly, you said, (quote) “Maybe if you spent more time replying to my actual questions and statements and developing a thesis and supporting arguments instead of partisan insults, you could have space in your posts to put substantive information….”.
    Here you’re just being funny again.
    I gave you a breakdown of poll results, for the last two elections, plus the internals for a “respected” poll. I then asked you if you believed the Times’ skewed projections would actually be the case this year, despite the current economy, likely voter enthusiasm and our current foreign policy disaster, among other problems.
    My answer to your insults was to try to show you why your statements weren’t based on objective reality, but rather media spin.

    I noticed you failed to respond.

    For the record, I love stopping by Phoebe’s blog, since she often finds articles and posts that I’ve missed.
    I also consider her a good friend.
    If you write-off her blog because I fail to genuflect to your knack for regurgitating the current media story-line, that’s your loss.

    Enjoy your day, regardless.

  6. Um, are you flirting with……BOYS?! What the the hello is this all about? Oh, the pain!

    I tell you, I think this is gonna be a close call: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows Mitt Romney attracting support from 47% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns 45% of the vote. Four percent (4%) prefer some other candidate, and three percent (3%) are undecided.

    What is so upsetting to me is how misinformed a lot of folks are…..(surf around, sister, and you’ll see.)

    Actually, I think they’re too caught up in your videos (you know the ones to which I refer 😉 ) I just wish to hello you’d do a topless political ad for a change!

    Unfortunately, when I tried this, they paid me to put my clothes back on.

    • No; they’ve heard that you carry a piece and keep it warm where you place it…..

      By the by, did you hear that the POTUS is singing a different tune now about the Middle East protests?

      I’m surprised you got that goof-nutsy video because it disappeared from the youtube after I watched it the first time. I tell you, when I watched that, I thought, Good grief! This is like a Southpark episode! THIS caused a riot??? Probably not so much….me thinks.

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